Have you ever tried to repeat a challenge one year later?

I hadn’t. But I did yesterday, and it was awesome! :grinning:

I randomly picked one of the first Challenges of Level 1 - number 4 - to see how it would go.
No pause button.
It seemed soooo incredibly easy. :astonished:
I went through it all without any effort.
I caught pretty much everything right - just missed a few words in longer sentences (because I couldn’t remember the English I was supposed to translate, as usual!) and a couple of mutations.

Oh, it felt great! :star_struck:

Then I remembered I took notes throughout Level 1 and Level 2, and checked them out.
It was 15/07/2018 and I was still figuring out how to do them, pause/no pause balance and so on.
Had been struggling a lot through number 3 (“very hard, I just can’t follow it”) I had the bright idea to try not to use pause but keep the vocabulary list open while doing this one.

Worst than ever! I can’t follow, nor keep my attention focused.

I took a day off to recover. :sweat_smile:
Then, 2 days later, briefly checked it out (without vocabulary list) and added:
I can’t remember anything at all - no meanings and not even the sounds. Disaster. :unamused:

So I even ended up having to repeat it.
(which I did once, and never again - with this or any other lesson in Level 1).

Seeing how smooth it was yesterday makes me even happier. :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s. …until I watched “Arfordir Cymru: Bae Ceredigion” on S4C and I couldn’t understand anything of what presenter Bedwyr Rees was saying. :sob:
Ah the joys of learning languages! :rofl:


Well, for the difference of me you repeated the lesson after a year but I repeat them regularly all the time. I’m taking the first steps into Level 1 North at the moment and I plan to do Challenge 12 today but simultaniously I do my repetition of Level 3 Southern at the moment and am aiming to do Challenge 2 tomorrow. I also repeat all the last lessons of all courses alternately once in the month but … (yes but as always), I still get a lot of things totally wromg. So, stating this I can only say you are doing it all just fine!

Dal ati a cael hwyl!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Diolch, Tatjana! :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that each one of us learners finds their own way to do the course. And by the way, you’re doing great too! :+1:

I think that it would be a good idea now for me to repeat random old challenges, I’m sure that many of them would not be so easy.

And definitely Level 3 is a whole different game for me. I did repeat many of them and I’ll keep on doing it for quite a while before I can feel all those things as natural as a few of the first sentences I’ve learnt.

How are you doing with Northern version, by the way?


If you want the ultimate challenge, then on the old course there’s one called crynodeb - don’t use the pause button - the gaps are ridiculously short, but fun. If you haven’t ever tried the old course, then you’ll probably find it even more difficult, but worth a go? .


The ultimate challenge sounds exciting! :nerd_face:

However I had a look at the old course, and really can’t figure out where I can find this crynodeb thing.
Any hint?
p.s. looks straight out of a sci-fi story to me, I wonder what it is!

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hopefully it’s still there - there used to be extra vocabulary lessons and the last one was called crynodeb. I haven’t done it myself for a long time now.

Edit: just checked and I can still see it on old material: course 2, vocab 10. (De crynodeb). Good Luck! @tatjana hefyd


So do I. I made the whole old course and I am not remembering doing that one. All last challenges in the old course(s) are really challenging but it still depends is it South or North. South leaves you relatively big gap enough to say everything without the pause button but for North I’m not really sure. If it’s half as it is in new one, then there’s not too much time to think and ponder the thoughts. But, enlighten me @Toffidil what this might be. Maybe I am missing something though.

Yes, I agree. For some works one way for some another. Some need repetitions, some do not.

Thank you. Well, there are the days one would say I can’t speak Welsh at all as I many times just don’t know what to use and how to say things really proper way. :slight_smile:

You can do that, but @aran says repeating the last challenge of each course once (or so) a month should do the trick. Some time ago I was really faithful to that model but at one point dropped out of it for who knows what reason and never got back on track with it.

Apart from that I’m blurting the southern answer instead of northern one in the gap, I’m doing just OK for now. There aren’t that many differences one couldn’t cope with them or even not being able to understand. For now at some points it seams even easier (apart from not having big gap to say the sentence enough through the whole course) but, well, I’m still at Level 1 and only at Challenge 12. The thougher, more different and difficult part is yet about to come I think. I’ll tell you how the things are when I at least finish Level 1 or am deep into the Level 2. :slight_smile:

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Oh I did that.
Well, not really once a month. :roll_eyes:

They definitely give a review of a bit of everything, but now I tried another early one, I’m noticing things that I don’t remember ever practicing or even hearing. :smile:
Because at the time I was overwhelmed by the amount of information: I could process only some of the new words in each challenge, always had a problem remembering the English sentences, and also got really, really exhausted about two/third in the challenge.

So a bunch of the second parts of the sentences and the last parts of the Challenges never reached my long-term memory. :rofl:
(for example - all the bod/bo…which I keep on having trouble with, so I think it’s good to practice them a bit)

Oh but I see @Toffidil has found the crynodeb. So now I’m going to have a look at it and will be back to your answer later.

Hwyl! :slight_smile:

Edit: I tried to listen to the beginning of the mysterious and scary crynodeb but I guess it’s meant for those who did the old course cause there’s a whole lot of stuff I’ve never heard.
But if I decide to go through some of the Old Course, at least I know where this is!


I did this all the time! I’d often say the wrong day, for example, because I couldn’t remember the English. Always took those ones as a victory because what I’d said was still “correct” :smile:

I finished level 3 again recently and it was amazing how much more I understood what I was being taught this time round.

Mind you bydd modd i mi still doesn’t stay put…


In an effort to improve my ability to switch between languages without mixing Welsh with everything and everything with Welsh, I’m having a second go at the secret (we’ll, it’s not secret, but there’s no link to it from the main page) Spanish-through-the-medium-of-Welsh course. It doesn’t help that it’s all done by Iestyn, when I’ve only ever done Gog challenges, but the key thing I find is that I just can’t remember the whole sentence that I’m supposed to translate. I frequently get half-way through and flounder. And, as a result, I’m in complete awe of anyone like you, or @tatjana, who’s done the normal English-Welsh course despite having English as a second language. Dach chi’n ôsym :slight_smile:


Ahhh … that one! I’ve done it several times and I (along with all last lessons to every course) I intend to do it again but, to be honest, since I didn’t follow my own model for quite a while, I really don’t remember how it looks like. Somewhere back in my memory I know it’s really challenging but more than that I don’t know. :slight_smile: Will report back when I do that again.

Diolch yn fawr iawn. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry. Here goes the same for me. There are many times I say “Well, did I do that before? I don’t remember doing it!” and the lessons seam like they’d change every time I re-do them. :slight_smile: Something new every day one’d say. :slight_smile:

I use it all the wrong way all the time. In this part my thinking is too Slovenian way so after I use it correctly it can very easily happen the next use would be wrong again. :slight_smile:

Diolch. Well, Sometimes I still have to think hard to remember an English word or two despite I’ve known it before but there seams no difficulty to learn Welsh (or any other language) through the English medium though.

Since SSi staff decided to re-built the Welsh courses (what with the new material was done though) they took the courses through the Welsh medium away from the site to re-build them too but obviously SSiBorg still needs some time to do the things in all variations and directions properly so the new things were not done yet. I remember those lessons of Spanish through Welsh medium and I’ve tried one or two lessons myself but as I was still quite a beginner in Welsh it didn’t help me much either.

So, if you have the link you still can access those lessons? This is kind of cool though. :slight_smile:


Yes - it’s challenging enough even if you’ve done the old course. There is vocabulary and ways of saying things that aren’t in the new levels - so really this would be pushing things quite a lot. The new course is much better constructed and produced. If you’ve done the new course there’s no need to run through all of the old ones - course two from the old course would be worth doing and all the vocabulary lessons from the old course one and two would be worth doing though. Don’t bother with the rest - you have it covered already.


Vocab lessons were aimed (as much as I know) to those who were confident enough to attend the bootcamp so they consist of many things the courses do not cover but are super useful in the real “wild” world and for the survival of the whole week only in Welsh. So, they’re super useful for anyone to go through and repeat them from time to time.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Yes! I always say random weekdays!

And I’m still quite hopeless with all the the nag, taw, sydd…although hey a lot of things in Level 3 is still nebulous but…modd i mi…really unfamiliar, I hope it’s a Northern thing! :thinking:

However the weirdest thing happening now that I try to answer fast without using pause is that…I don’t remember what I just said!! :joy:

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I forget what I’ve just said too!!

And don’t worry, I am doing the northern version


Oh it’s not just me, then. :slight_smile:
But that’s true, it’s not so bad, after all. It’s just like having a whole set of extra lessons! :wink:

I’m not willing to do the whole old Course, but I’ll definitely give Vocabulary series a try, then!

@RichardBuck - thanks! :blush: I think I can do this only because I started English at quite an early age and use it really often.
However it would be very interesting to try learning Spanish through the medium of Welsh! I wish the link was still available - even though as a Welsh-language only subscriber, I probably would not see it anyway.

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I think it worked for me when I was on a Welsh-only subscription – I rather think that as it’s only the equivalent of Level 1, it was always free so long as you were signed in – but I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s the link if you want to try it – it’s not really secret!


Thank you @RichardBuck. I believe I’ll download them if not for the other thing then just for the fun of it to try one day.

Well, @gisella-albertini Course 1 through the English medium has 20 lessons so this means that this one through Welsh medium was never really finished. It has only 16 lessons, But you have weekly practices in listening and speaking although they’re not refreshing (just like Welsh do) anymore. The last update to that was in May 2013. Also have in mind that there are no vocab lists to the courses despite you have the link to them. They’re empty so listaning and speaking the lessons and practices is approximately all you can do using pause button or not - your choice though. :slight_smile:

Diolch once again for the link Richard. Super useful. :slight_smile:

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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