Have I reached a saturation point

I am up to level 2 challenge 18. From about challenge 15, nothing seams to be sticking. I hear it, say it, think I’ve got it then it’s gone. It feels like I now playing through the challenge and everything is just passing over me. My gut tells me to go back to the last challenge on level one, then start level two again.

Any thoughts on this?

I’d recommend you go the other way - push on through to the end of Level 2, notching it down as my fault every time you make a mistake, and then come back to 18 again.

How many times do you tend to do a challenge? And what sort of hit rate do you reckon you get in terms of % correct?

I go straight through. Not sure what my success rate is. I have had some breaks though.

Excellent, that’s a great approach. Makes me even more sure that you should push on through to the end of Level 2, and then come back to 18… :sunny: