Hat to Help

So you’ve heard of the wonderful Urdd?

It’s a national voluntary youth organisation providing opportunities for children and young people across Wales to take part in a range of experiences through the medium of Welsh, aimed at getting them to play constructive roles in their communities whilst developing personal and social skills. They also host the Urdd National Eisteddfod, Europe’s largest youth festival of literature, music and performing arts.

But this valuable organisation has, like many others, suffered greatly during 2020 -

In the past few months, Covid-19 has left no choice but to

  • cut the Urdd workforce in half
  • close our three centres for residents and community visits
  • and suspend all sports, the Eisteddfod and arts activities

As a result, we expect to see a substantial reduction in income over the next two years, affecting our hard-working staff, our volunteers and of course, our young members.

So the Urdd have launched this wonderful campaign, called Hat to Help, which encourages people all over Wales and beyond to buy a Hat to Help as a way to support the organisation through the winter.

This wonderful hat is THE must have hat this winter. It is warm, bright, colourful and is already being worn by some of the most famous heads in Wales.


To get yourself one of these fabulous hats and support this worthy cause, click on the following link -


I have one, keeps my ears warm on my daily exercise and very stylish it is too.
The Urdd are amazing, despite the Lockdowns a wonderful bilingual music video has been produced with aid of the Irish equivalent of the Urdd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBLeKfpI5zk

I have one, and it prompted a Lady in Reading to speak to me in welsh. and then also while i was in London somebody said Bore da :slight_smile:



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I’ve ordered one, hope to find some Welsh speakers in Sheffield while I’m wearing it!

Just ordered mine. My old one seriously needed updating