Harri Potter on memrise

Hello all,

A few weeks ago there was a thread in which Louis (SSiW in Australia) mentioned the amazing work he’d been doing with Bronwyn (an SSiWer in the States) on a vocab list for the Welsh language edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The list that Louis had assembled is available on memrise.com in alphabetical order (for an overview of what memrise is, visit www.memrise.com). A few people at the time said that it would be worth having it in page order so you could learn the vocab for each page as you read.

Me (an SSiWer in Wales) thought this was a great idea and Louis generously agreed to let me have a go at it. So… the first ten pages worth are now on memrise under the course title “Harri Potter a Maen yr Athronydd”

It can be found here (hope the link works):

If anyone is interested in using this, dive in…

I’ll keep adding pages as I work through the book, and if you do have a browse and see anything that obviously needs correcting, let me know.

(Just to stress again, the hard work on this amazing word list was done by others, all I’ve done is change the order for the purely selfish reason that I wanted to improve my vocab using this specific book).

I just started. Just as a heads up, disgwyl is spelled wrong (you spelled it dsigwyl in the memrise thing).

Great work Steve - and I like your advertisement for SSiW :slight_smile:

Also, since there’s no way to hear the writing, I assume that Gwyddent is pronounced goo-ddent rather than gwee-ddent, if you get what I mean…

Hi Chris. Thanks for the heads up on dsigwyl, it’s now disgwyl.

Sorry I can’t help with the pronunciation, perhaps others can?

Great idea, Steve, thanks for sharing it! I’ve been toying with the idea of trying memrise for a while, but didn’t have time to look into the process of setting up relevant word lists. It will be really fun to have a go at Harri Potter one of these days, with this to help.

Update: looked at memrise for 5 minutes and discovered that it’s really easy to add your own lists… So thanks for sparking that too!!

Having sung the praises of Memrise since a bootcamp two years ago when I was introduced to it by two younger bootcampers, and the idea of reading stories in Welsh with which you are already familiar, I LOVE this list. I’ve been reading Harri Potter a Maen Yr Athronydd for the past few months as I find it hard to read in Welsh.On Memrise it’s now the 23rd list I’ve started, some of which are done and dusted, although, Netmouse, you never really finish learning with Memrise. Even if it’s only every six months, the words will pop up again to be ‘watered’.

Making your own list is also a great plan and I’m sure has helped me over the last year when I have had time to enter vocab I’m going to come across in next weeks classes BEFORE I attend!

6 cheers for Memrise. My brother, who live in China, and my mother in London, learn Chinese on it and my Chinese sister in law uses it to learn English, and my next plan is to use it to help me learn Thai.

The only problem is that of GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out. I’ve learned words that probably ARE real, but no one I speak to has ever heard of as they are highly local.

Chris, Gwyddent is probably pronounced G WIDD ENT. I can’t imagine there is a GOO in it, even though it is related to Gwybod, which ranges from G WEE BOD to GOO BOD. There’s probably a north south variation as well.

Bronwyn, Louis and Steve. THANK YOU for your amazing work!

Thanks all. I’ll add extra pages as I need them but that may be intermittent because I’m running the Harri Potter book alongside a lot of other Welsh input (Pobol y Cwm, SSiW, other reading). If anyone uses the course and finds they need extra pages, then just PM me or post here and it will encourage me to put up more levels. It doesn’t take long, I’ll just need a push.