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During my amazing week at Nant Gwetheryn speaking and learning Welsh over the summer, I was fortunate enough to see the amazing Steffan Thomas (https://www.bangor.ac.uk/music-and-media/staff/steffan-thomas/en) play the Welsh triple harp and it was simply stunning. So much so, that I have decided to take up the harp myself! I’ve managed to rent a harp, have started lessons and plan to buy one (the Teifi ones look beautiful and are made in Wales https://teifiharps.com/celtic-folk-lever-harps-for-sale/ - other brands are available!).
I was just wondered whether other Welsh learners had taken up the harp? It really does make you feel proper Welsh! I need to learn calon lan ac yr anthem genedlaethol wrth gwrs! :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Sort of, although I am more of a maker than a player.

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I remember…and well I guess his nickname works as a reminder… @Telyn_Marco said he’s learning.
He’s not been around for a while so he may be busy with something else, but maybe naming him will call him back to Welsh language! :smiley:

I started to learn the harp about a year ago. I am a woodwind player and proficient on the piano, so the harp shouldn’t be too difficult should it? Mmmm… I’m some way from performing in public, but I do find it fun, and relaxing, (except when learning a new tricky bit) to sit and play to myself.

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I had an opportunity to touch a harp for once in my life, because @aliC gave me and others a lift to Harlech Castle, and (although suddenly afterwards we were rushing back to Yr Anglesey in order to participate in an SSiW speaking practice session with @nia.llywelyn), there was just time for me to touch that instrument I had actually asked if I could learn to play when I was 10 (ruled out as impossible, tho’ my parents were doing their very best to be accommodating, and my father did try to resist the hope that I might be another Jacqueline du Pré child prodigy on the ‘cello). There, that’s privilege for you! So now I’ll make do with ukulele strumming until I can really make room for serious study… Maybe in my 80’s?

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I was almost inspired to take up the Telyn myself after an amazing weekend run by Harriet Earis A weekend of Welsh language and literature in Snowdonia - book now for 2019 events

She not only knows heaps about Welsh literature and presents it in an enthusiastic and interesting way, but is a talented harpist and very knowledgeable on the history of the telyn in Cymru. Her weekends in Snowdonia are an absolute treat.

As an aside, the Teifi Harp factory is just down the hill from where I live :slight_smile:


Diolch am y link, Dee - mae cwrs yn edrych anhygoel!

Thanks for the link, Dee - the course looks incredible! I will try and go if I can.

You’re very lucky that you live up the hill from the Teifi workshop. I have in fact just put my order in…! Not cheap! But I certainly consider it an investment as they tend to retain their value.


If you’re coming to Llandysul to collect it, get in touch. I have a spare room which I let out on Airbnb, but if I have no one booked in you’d be welcome to stay the night if you need to.

Thanks, Dee, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. It won’t be for a least 6 months because the waiting/production list is at least 6 months long! Fortunately, I am renting a Teifi Eos which will be the one that I’m getting but there’ll be nothing like having my own!

Diolch yn fawr iawn


This is what I’ve ordered, the harlequin wood mix with the Welsh scroll :slight_smile: :
Just noticed there’s no harp emoji!


Well, actually the harp and the iaith cwmraig called me back to the welsh language after my little ‘break’. Currently re-doing Level 1 SSiW. :grinning:


Helo there!
Thanks to the telyn, dragging you back,then! :wink:

See these beautiful pictures of my handmade Eos which is finally due to be delivered this month - I hope! Look at the amazing craftsmanship. Note the traditional welsh scroll which is only found on Welsh harps.
I’ve been waiting ages for it, even longer because of the pandemic and I’m very much looking forward to playing it. I’ve taken a break recently (I’m an NHS consultant) from playing and from Welsh but hoping it will reinvigorate my playing and my Welsh learning!


Wow! Looks amazing!

And I hope you can go back to Welsh and playing soon (because it’s nice, and also because it would mean the general situation is getting better!)


Absolutely beautiful :revolving_hearts: i also learn the harp and have somehow ended up with two :joy: i was gifted a large amount of sheet music from the lady that i bought my second harp from a few years ago, so i have plenty to go at, but i have a distinct lack of Welsh music. Any recommendations of good sheet music or books would be welcome.


Looks a beaut. Where is the workshop?
Ah sorry - just scrolled up - Afon Teifi

:smiley:I think it’s them: https://teifiharps.com/cy/telynau-teifi-tudalen-cartref/

I remember, even though I did not have the chance to go and have a look, because I was surprised that I keep on coming across things/people based in Llandysul - one of the few places I’ve been to in Wales and kinda tiny!

“Tant - 101 alawon telyn traddodiadol”, by Sian James and Sioned Webb. (pub Cwmni Cohoeddi Gwynn - ismn 979-0-708091-25-7) would be a good starting point

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I really want to go and visit. I’m due to go to Nant Gwrtheyrn again in August… fingers crossed I can still go. If not, I might swing by the factory for a socially distanced visit!

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