Hangout,what is this?

Week 2 of ssiw, so far so good. I am not very tech minded, so please could someone explain how hangout works and how to use

Hello @judith-williams. Welcome and congrats to come this far.

Well, I am techy type though but I’m not sure how hangouts do work in SSiW cases so I believe the best person to explain it all is @Deborah-SSi who (if I know this correctly) leads hangouts with 6-months learners aswell.

I’m this for tagging her here in order to see your post and give you the possible explanation and guidance about hangouts and (potentially) all the rest.

Hwyl! :slight_smile:

Diolch in fawr iawn

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Hangouts are a type of group distance call where several people at once can talk to each other.
To use them, you click a link in Slack (the online platform we use for this side of things - it’s separate to this forum) and join the call from your computer, tablet or phone.

We have two ways of holding hangouts - Deborah will be able to advise more on what happens on the 6/6 Slack group - that’s for people doing the structured courses (which I’m not), but I can tell you a bit about the WSP Slack group - that’s the one open to anyone. In that group, we use Slack for conversation rather than as part of the course, so people join hangouts that interest them (e.g. there are hangouts for various localities, or interests like TV soaps or books, or just chances to talk together).

I’m not tech minded either, but once you get over the “how do I get this to work on my machine” bit (but don’t worry, there are lots of people who can help with that!), it’s pretty straightforward afterwards.

Hope that helps.

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@siaronjames has explained the concept well :slight_smile:

In the 6/6 Support Slack group we hold regular scheduled online group sessions - Q&A ones in English initially then with an opportunity to practise very early Welsh - and Hangouts for Welsh conversational practice.

You find the links to join in by going to the #group-video-sessions channel inside Slack. If you’re having trouble finding your way into Slack, send an email to and we’ll give you a hand.

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