Gwynedd/Conwy/Ynys Môn SSIW meetup?

I’ve gone to several “Paned a sgwrs” and have found my experiences to be pretty hit and miss. I thought SSIW’ers all seem like a pretty good crowd, maybe we could organize a meetup? I searched the forum a bit but couldn’t find any such thing, but I thought a once a month or every other month meetup that meets in places like Bangor/Porthaethwy, Caernarfon, Conwy, Porthmadog, Llandudno, etc might be a cool thing?

Is anyone else interested in this?

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There once were regular meet ups for SSiWers, but sadly the pandemic meant they all came to a halt. I attended a couple in Aberystwyth and they were fun and a great place to chat and meet others who’d learned Welsh the same way.

Well if anyone is interested, dwi’n hapus i helpu efo’r trefniadau, I’m happy to help with the arrangements!

If a few people in the North/northwest are interested, I’d be happy to figure out a town that is as central as possible for everyone, a cafe that we could meet at, and a date and time that works for the most people. So, anyone vaguely northwest who would like to do this, let me know.

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Hi @joshua-gardner

I’m in Blaenau at the moment and would certainly try to get to an SSIW if there was one. I do the Zoom at Noon meeting on Saturday as you know :thinking: - so it would be good to either avoid a clash or arrange a quirky combination once a month - which might be fun!

It seems.there might be an opportunity to have monthly meets in different places if covid stopped the groups e.g. Bangor one weekend, Caernarfon the nextl, Pwllheli o’r Cricieth the next, Porthmadog after - and start again.

Those with enthusiasm, a car or a bus pass :grin: could attend them all!

Would there be anyone interested in this places - or alltrnatives - if there was an SSIW meet once a month?

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:

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I spend time in the area (Talsarnau) regularly and would love to have a local grwp SSIW to hook up with when I’m there. Happy to travel between Harlech/Porth/Blaenau/Criccieth etc.
Count me in! Hwyl Jenny

I’m hoping to be moving to Pentir, just outside Bangor, sometime in September/October and would be interested in meeting up. Happy to drive somewhere (not ridiculously far) but no idea yet what hours I’d be working. I’ll keep an eye on this thread though.

I live on Ynys Mon and would be interested depending on day and time around work.
Im at a pretty basic level so still in the ‘rabbit in headlights’ stage :joy:

I’m in Conwy and yes, would be interested in joining - I’d be happy to drive as far as Bangor/Caernarfon.

I would be interested in this! I live in Bangor but I’m happy to take the bus. I like the idea of rotating cities as well.

Hi Ren, i used in .Pentir ( I’m in Clynnogfawr now) where abouts are you moving to on pentir ?

I think it’s great to have learners at a variety of levels, and I think it’s important to make sure to give everyone an opportunity to use some Welsh. I’ve been to too many learner meet ups where people just speak at an advanced level, full speed and don’t engage with anyone who is at a lower level, and that’s exactly what I’d like to avoid.

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Thanks Joshua that’s really encouraging. Even if I sat and said a few words in Welsh and then mostly listened I’m sure I’d still get something out of it.

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Hi Sue, We’re moving to Rhyd y Groes. I can’t wait!

As people who are using / have used SSiW courses know, the Subconscious mind is always a few steps ahead of the conscious one. This can, of course, be disconcerting at times, but, rest assured, exposure to Welsh conversation WILL improve your understanding, even when it does not always feel that way at the time. The pieces of the jigsaw will come together in their own time, sometimes at unexpected moments.