Gwaithio gytre

Hello, Can anyone explain why the phrase ‘working from home’ isn’t gweithio gartref? Cheers Pat

Technically, working from home is gweithio o gartref, whilst working at home is gweithio gartref. However, in speech in the first you often don’t hear the ‘o’ anyway because it merges with the end of gweithio.

Edit - just thought… do you mean working away from home? That would be gweithio oddi cartref.

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Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply, Siaron! Cheers Pat


Could be the noun versiin of work. Gwaith So, homework rather than home-working. :smiley:
Ignore that. Its been a long day. :grin:

Anyone know what Tir na n-Og is please? The organisation? And award? Im guessing a book prize.
Sorry, wrong thread. As I said, its been a long day - anyway, treat it as homework :grinning:

Yes, the Tir na n-Og Prize is one awarded annually by the Welsh Books Council for childrens literature.

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