Gustaría Vs. Quisiera- WHEN TO USE THEM?

Hey guys.

I am new to the forum. I hope I am asking this in the right place. After getting through the 3rd lesson of level 1 I decided to find a language partner to practice just speaking. I ended up having a 2 hour conversation and my partner was very pleased and surprised that I was able to say so much and express myself so well. He said that he could understand me well, although my grammar and conjugation needed work and when I got that part down I would do even better. So to the people who are nervous about speaking with a stranger. DON’T BE. If I had the confidence to speak after lesson 3, no one should be too afraid, especially after 10 or 25 lessons. YOU CAN DO IT. :wink:

Fast forward to now, I am done with level 1! Yay I will speak with my language partner tomorrow and I will update you all on what he thinks of my Spanish having learned after 3 lessons versus having all 25 lessons of level one under my belt.

Okay, so enough with the introduction. My question is this I STILL don’t know when to use GUSTARIA vs. QUISIERA? To think after lesson three I thought my biggest problem would be when to use Hablar vs. Decir. I laugh at that now. I would confuse the two quite often in the early stages.

So please can anyone tell me when to use QUISERA and when to use GUSTARIA? When talking about myself I tend to lean more toward Gustaria and when talking about other people I use QUISERA about 80% of the time because it just “feels” right but I don’t know why or when I should be using one or the other. Does it matter which I use, it seems it does.


No, it doesn’t… :slight_smile:

I don’t mean that they’re perfectly interchangeable - few things are - but you’ll be understood whichever you use, and the more conversations you get yourself into, the more you’ll start to use whichever patterns are most commonly used by the people you talk to… :slight_smile:

And well done for getting off to such a brilliant flying start! :star2:

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Awesome. Thanks so much, I was racking my brain trying to figure out when to use which. Now I will just use whichever and adapt. <3

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It’s always best to measure by results, rather than aim for perfection or ‘rules’… :slight_smile: As long as the conversation keeps going, you’re winning :star: :star2:


Thanks for having this forum, this is my first time here. Learning language nr. 6 in my 60’s. …
I’m not sure where "quiero " comes in here . It seems it would translate into “I want” vs I “would like” (GUSTARIA or QUISIERA) . What would you use for: I like to see a doctor …or I like to have a beer? ( not related I hope…)

Quiero means ‘I want’… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’d ever say ‘I like to see a doctor’! For ‘I’d like to see a doctor’, quisiera is probably your best bet, although you’d be fine to say ‘quiero’ also - it’s a fairly small shift of meaning, and more to do with tone than anything else… :slight_smile: