Guided Trip to Skomer Island - 24 July 2023

Skomer is a wonderful island off the coast of Sir Benfro (Pembrokeshire) teeming with birdlife, including the unbelievably cute and confident puffins (pâl).

A guided tour for Welsh learners and new Welsh speakers has been organised for 24 July. The tour will be lead by Mari Elin Jones and her husband, Gruffydd, who have been volunteering on Skomer for several years. You will walk around the island learning of its history, the landscapes and the birdlife, before heading to the café to have lunch together.

It will be suitable for Welsh learners of all levels - a wonderful opportunity! It will cost £30 + the boat fee, all in all just £10 more than the usual daily trip, but on that day there will be no one else on the island, so it’s very much a private tour.

This is the website to get more information and book your place: - Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales


Skomer is such a beautiful place, and getting to explore it with Mari Elin Jones and Gruffydd sounds perfect, especially since they know the island so well.

The guided tour for Welsh learners on 24 July is such a unique opportunity. With Mari Elin Jones and Gruffydd leading, you’re in for an informative and fun experience. The puffins (ppl) are definitely a highlight, and having the island to yourselves makes it extra special. The cost is quite reasonable too, considering it’s only £10 more for a private tour.

Unfortunately that was a post from last year. I don’t know if anything like that will be happening again this year, but I’ll edit the title of the thread so that others aren’t misled by it.