Grwp sgwrsio ar Slack heno?

P’nawn da

Wnes i ddarllen rhywle am grwp sgwrsio ar Slack bob noswaith Iau? Alla I ddim ffeindio sut I gymuno e, a hoffwn I I gymuno heno os bosibl.Ydy rhywun yn medru fy helpu mi os gwelch chi’n dda?


That’ll probably be one of the sessions on the Community Chat workspace (as opposed to the Welsh Speaking Practice workspace).
If you’re paying a subscription and haven’t received an invitation to join, just send an email through to stating that you’re paying the monthly subscription and you’d like to join. They’ll send you an email invitation.
If you have joined that workspace, I would imagine that the link to join the chat would be posted there, but as I’m not on it myself, I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi so that she can confirm.

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You are registered in SSiW Community Chat @andrea-murtagh so I’ve just sent you a Direct Message from inside the Slack group. That should help you find your way in so you can take part in the Partner Chat session run by Kai at 19:00 GMT tonight.



Thanks both x