Grwp Newydd yn Basingstoke

I’m starting up a new Welsh group in Basingstoke: 3rd Tuesday of the month,7-9pm at the Red Lion Hotel (Top of Town, Basingstoke - plenty of parking available in the council car parks, or in Festival Place).

However, because this month started on a Tuesday, and because we’ve already had a week, I’m proposing to start on 22nd October. Details can also be found on the Basingstoke Language Exchange Forum Facebook page, where people can sign up so I know about numbers.



That’s brilliant Karen! I’ll add your group to the list at the end of the newsletter :slight_smile:

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S’mae Karen, does gen i ddim Facebook! I’m going to be home that week and I live just outside Basingstoke. I’ve only been learning Cymraeg for a few months so I’m not sure I can say much but I’m willing to get stuck in. I was planning to join the Winchester group when I feel brave enough but as you’re starting a new group it’s probably a good time to jump in at the deep end.
Hwyl, Gareth Mitchell

Shwmae Gareth,

the Winchester one isn’t really running any more because Mike has moved away, and that left only me. So this is why I’ve created one nearer to home. See you then!

Hwyl, Karen

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Hi Karen,

I’m willing to give it a try. I’m Winchester based but just found out that group doesn’t run anymore. I’m glad I wasn’t sitting in a the horse and carts waiting to hear some welsh voices for hours!


Hello Andy (and Dee!),

just to clarify the situation - the Winchester group had been running for several years, but it was mainly only ever really Mike and I. We met there because it was central to the both of us, and we’ve occasionally had people join us for a few sessions on and off. However, since he’s retired and moved away from the area and I am based in Basingstoke, the Winchester group is essentially no longer running.

However, I’ve seen many individuals over the years posting about (requests for) meetings within Hampshire, although no-one seemed to find Winchester convenient. I’m not sure whether another group has been set up nearer you (Portsmouth was mentioned several times).

If not, see you in Basgstoke soon perhaps.

Karen :slight_smile:

Diolch @karenrutland - I’ve removed it from the list now. I rely on people to let me know when there are any changes so good to get that info. Good luck with the Basingstoke group! Make sure you tag me here if you set up an initial meetup so I can get it in the newsletter :slight_smile:

Hi Dee, @Deborah-SSi
Thanks. I have four people say they are meeting up tomorrow as advertised. :slight_smile:

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Excellent news! Da iawn :clap: