Growth club

Where’s the link for joining the Growth club please @Aran? It’s probably under my nose but I have the same problem when trying to find stuff in the supermarket

  • Learning page (click on Challenges)
  • Your profile name
  • Subscriptions
  • at the bottom there is the link for subscribing to Growth club.

You have 3 options

  • 10 GBP - you get the audio without transcripts
  • 20 GBP -. you get the audio and transcripts
    and 50 GBP - you get audio, transcripts and possibility of chatting with @aran (or maybe @CatrinLliarJones) about the presented theme in particular “lesson”.

I hope this helps.

I’m subscribed already, but for orientation in subscriptions it looks like this:

At the bottom, instead of saying “You are the member of the Growth Club” (at least I believe) it gives you the “Become a member of the Growth Club” button or something like this.


(no, I’m not Aran, sorry for that - hehe) :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn Tatjana a mwynhau eich amser yn Nghymru

Wnest ti ffindio neu mae isie i ti mwy helpi? Dw i’n moyn bod yn siwr ti wedi ffindio beth ti wedi chwylio. :slight_smile:

Dw i’n siwr bydda i’n mwynhau.

Having found my way into the Growth Club thanks to @tatjana I see only 27 - 36 are shown. Is it possible to dig out the earlier exercises please @aran

Hi Bryan - not very easily, I’m afraid - the idea of the Growth Club is that you get one a week from joining, rather than us having a huge sprawling page of links - but I do know that some longer term GC members have been very kind about sharing previous downloads with other GC members, so it might well be worth smiling winningly at Tatjana, for example… :slight_smile:

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Thanks Aran. @tatjana has said that she will let me have a link to them when she gets back from her Welsh adventure. In the meantime, I’ve got plenty to do with what is currently available to keep me busy/ interested/bemused, for a while yet. Sorry to have been so long in getting around to joining. I had planned to do so before the bootcamp in Pen Llyn in April but life got in the way I’m afraid.

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No, @bryanroberts I meant when I’m coming home from work, what means you wouldnt need to wait that long. Just about two hours and I’ll be in position to give you that link.

Sent you another PM with the link in. I hope Dropbox will not give you trouble times. If yes, let me know and I’ll use some other service. I’ve concoured a lot of Internet space to do that - haha! :slight_smile: (oh but MediaFire is not under my jurestiction yet. :slight_smile: )

Enjoy/entertain/learn/be bemused … whatever. :slight_smile:

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Good heavens, don’t apologise - it’s hugely kind of you to support us like this - the Growth Club has been an absolutely vital part of what we’ve been able to do this year (which is itself a large part of why I’m very excited that we’re going to be able to accelerate our publishing schedule in the fairly near future… :slight_smile: )…

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