Growth club query

Hi, I’m looking to start subscribing (I wish to have access to all the welsh material including daily practices, transcripts etc and was wondering exactly what the growth club is about. Is it a single one off payment? Do you get access to the lessons, daily & weekly practices & lesson transcripts. Can anyone please advise me of the option that would suit me best? Thanks

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Shwmae Clair a croseo.

The following link should provide all the information you need.


Diolch Dan.

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The Growth Club is a (soon to be closed for new members, from what I understand) group who pay extra on top of the normal subscription in order to show their support for SSi and allow the creation of new material.


You understand perfectly correct …

and when (so says @aran) the extra income would not be needed for creating new material anymore it will be totally discontinued but those of us who are members will have permanent access to all what was and will be created in the future by SSi (this is what I understood Aran said).

If I may, I’d suggest all further discussion should continue in the topic which link was posted by @Dan_Crosby in his post here so that we would avoid "scattered"discussion through the forum.

So, read the suggested topic and decide which option of Growth club membership would suit you. There you also can find what you can access with each subscription option.

Hwyl! :smiley:


Thanks all. Clairx

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Can someone (@aran or @Iestyn) tell me if the growth club is closed now? I didn’t feel able to join when it was first advertised, because 1. I was short of money and 2. I was only just coping with the challenges. However now I think it would be really useful to improve my listening and vocab and would be interested in joining if its still going.


I’m not @aran neither @iestyn, but I think it’s still opened. If you go to learning page and click on “Subscription” when clicking on your profile name, you’ll get the option to join Growth club I suppose.

What you would not have is all recordings (and transcripts if you’d go for 20 GBP) but only from 38 (I believe now it’d be 38 or maybe still from 37) on.

Where to find and how to join Growth Club can find here

I hope it helps.


Yeah, we haven’t got around to formally closing it - need to revisit that at some point and make a decision - but as Tatjana says, it’s currently available.

Although probably feeling a bit unloved at the moment - I’ve been bad about keeping up with recordings since we moved, and as soon as I’ve taken the dogs out today, I’m going to brace myself to face the cold and do some recordings!