Got my results

Hi all, I had my results from my second year of uni on Thursday. In my ysgrifenedig module I had 74, trafod y byd cyfoes 72 and llydaweg 59. I’m really pleased with my results and am looking forward to going on to next year. This will probably be the toughest year as I’ll be going from being taught in english and welsh to just Welsh and all classes are merged so 1st and 2nd language speakers all together. I’m looking forward to it though as it should do wonders for my learning. Also I’ve changed my degree from BA Welsh to Ba Welsh and Celtic Languages which I’m really pleased about too.

I have a question about iTunes if anyone can help. I want to keep practicing over the holidays but my app isn’t working, how do I get the lessons on to iTunes instead so that i can listen to them anywhere?

Llongyfarchiadau on your amazing results and I’m super jealous of your degree! Will you be learning to speak other Celtic languages or learning about them (or both)? I hope you keep loving it :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the files are still available directly through iTunes but if you download them as mp3 files from this site (through the “learn” tab up top), you can just add then to your library.

Hi and diolch yn fawr. I’ve done Llydaweg (Breton) 1 and 2, so this coming year I’ll be continuing with Llydaweg Uwch 1. Also I’m doing Introduction to modern Irish 1 and 2 in October along with Old and Middle welsh and sitting in on old irish. I’m hoping to do comparing celtic languages in the coming years and Scottish Gealic.

Many congratulations Nikki. What incredible accomplishments and exciting challenges! I am green with envy (how unpleasant of me :slight_smile:

Thank you Steve. I’m finding the whole degree such a brilliant experience. I will be doing both Breton and Irish through the medium of Welsh so my Welsh will hopefully improve in the process. After this I hope to carry on and do an Irish Masters Degree.

Gwych, llongyfarchiadau mawr…:star: