Golwg Article

A lot of strong response on the Golwg website - below - about this posting by Lydia Ellis on Facebook:

As a Welsh person I feel it’s time someone spoke up about the current situation of our nation and its patriotism. Having spoken with a friend at university, I felt as if people are judgmental of patriotic Welsh people, and frankly, I don’t blame them. The sad reality of patriotism is that it can cause terrible ignorance and blindness. It doesn’t shock me that people make the decision to turn their backs on the Welsh language and the country when they are made to feel as if they don’t belong if they don’t share the same beliefs and attitude as the stereotypical Welsh patriot. It’s clear to see in our society how this is all turning into a cyclical cycle of people.
Speaking hyperbolically, if a welsh individual isn’t a member of Cymdeithas yr Iaith and votes for Plaid Cymru, then there really isn’t a place for them in our Welsh society. It’s turned into an insular clique of self-absorbed people who believe their patriotism makes them ooze originality and pride, but really they are all just the same. As a girl from a Welsh speaking family I was anxious about posting this and to challenge the status quo, which shows how intimidating Welsh patriotism can be. It’s great to be proud, but it begs the question… is this the foundation of our Welshness? We’re currently the roots of the Welsh nation, so let’s not grow into undervalued weeds that choke up all the pretty flowers.

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Plaid Cymru used to suffer terribly in the south and east from people thinking it was only for Welsh speakers. I think the advent of Lianne Wood has solved this, so things are not as bad as they used to be re-division. Here in Scotland, I think everyone is patriotic, but most of the modern swing is due to disatisfaction with what is going on in Westminster. Do you still get folk burning holiday cottages in Gwynedd? I think not! This generation is a lot more ‘flowery’ than mine!!