Gogledd Ddwyrain Lloegr

Hi all, looking for a group, person, people to meet up for tea scones and practice my Welsh before I lose it. Gateshead, Newcastle, Northumberland all reasonable for me to get to. Dwi’n edrych ymlaen i gwrdd â thi/chi. Gobeithio :grinning:

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@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

I’ll pop that into today’s newsletter for you @Kiltedpenguin - love the username, by the way :slight_smile:


Hi Neill,
There are two of us in Alnwick who meet roughly every couple of weeks. We’re planning to meet next on Tuesday 29th January at 3pm in Costa in Alnwick. You’re very welcome to join us if you’re available and don’t mind travelling. If you’re at work in the daytime and can’t make that let us know and we’ll see if we can arrange something else. Hwyl


Diolch! The missus pointed out though it is at odds with the Canada goose on my profile picture. :rofl: Still I’ll take a compliment where I can get one :+1:

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Have PM’d you :grinning:

Thanks for your email. It’s a pity Tuesdays are not good for you. Fridays are no good for me (we look after our grandchildren after school). Mondays are generally OK for me - not sure about Anne but I’ll check. We are about level 3 -ish! Anne’s husband is first language North Wales so she is doing the Northern course and I am from Cardiff so doing the South course but we generally manage OK and learn each other’s words as we go. As we don’t have any chance to practice on a daily basis we (certainly I!) are not as fluent in speaking as we would like to be but we are defnitely getting better. Sounds as if you are rather more fluent than us if you are raising your daughter bilingually. Hopefully we can get together soon.

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We all have holes in our knowledge, but thankfully they are usually different holes so we’ll be able to help each other out. :grinning: I never quite get hwntw, when it’s written down it’s all fine but hearing it makes my brain have to work over time, need the practice to ensure I’m ready to go to Tregaron in 2020 and understand what’s going on. :rofl:But yes would love to meet up.

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Hello Neill. I’m Anne, and as Helen has explained we meet more or less every 2 weeks. My Welsh is quite rusty now; but as Helen said we are getting better bit by bit! We wondered if you would prefer to meet up in Morpeth on a Saturday if you are working during the week. There are plenty good coffee shops, and both of us have family in Morpeth. Let us know what you think.


shw mae, dw i’n byw yn Durham…hoffwn i gwrdd i ymarfer - efallai, allwn ni gwrdd in Newcastle rywbryd?
rwy’n tua lefel sylfaen dau neu canolradd un…ond bydda i anghofio
os fy mod ddim ddefnyddio fe
Hwyl, Dave

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Hi @d11

Wow, ironically I’m popping over to Durham tomorrow to look at a car - I would get lynched if I suggested meeting someone to speak Welsh however as I’ve agreed to look at cars with my daughter who is buying her first car. :crazy_face:

The sure-fire meeting that I know about in the North East (ish) is in Leeds - I grab the train and go there myself on the fourth Sat on the month (which is not tomorrow but a week tomorrow) - it’s in a pub by the train and bus station.

I know that this is getting on for a long way but I also know - because my daughter lives in Newcastle - that if you book ahead you can get some great ticket prizes.

It would be great to see you there.

Rich :slight_smile:

Sorry just noticed this, yes Morpeth is lovely but is unsuitable at the moment.

Newcastle would be good, weekdays or weekends? Do you know the town well?