Gofyn wrtha fi neu i fi

Probably been asked before but…
Sometimes I hear gofyn wrtha fi and sometimes gofyn i fi. Is there a difference? I’ve reached lesson 10 level 2 and this is the first time I’ve been brave enough to post anything on the forum!

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Technically, it should always be gofyn i, but yes, sometimes you hear gofyn wrth - I think it’s because the wrth gets (validly) used with dweud and is ‘automatically’ applied to gofyn when it shouldn’t really be. The same thing kind of happens in English when people say “should of” instead of “should have” - it’s not technically correct, but you know what they mean!

And welcome to the forum by the way! :slight_smile:


@siaronjames brilliant, thanks so much for clarifying. That’s given my confidence a mega boost! Diolch, Leanne.


I think of it as …

“Dweud i …” = say to (dwi isio dweud rhywbeth iddi hi = I want to say something to her.)
“Dweud wrth …” = tell (dwi isio dweud rhywbeth wrtho fo = I want to tell him something.)

So “gofyn wrth” makes no sense but “gofyn i” does, to me anyway.