Gofyn I ti neu gofyn wrthot ti

Hi, in level 1 (10) I learnt ‘gofyn wrthot ti’ . I’m on level 3 (11) now and it’s ‘gofyn I ti’ both seem to mean ‘ask you’. Does anyone know what the difference is?
Dydw I ddim isio gofyn unrhwbeth arall wrthot ti.
Dw I ddim yn bwriadu gofyn I ti pa in sy’n digwydd nesaf.
I don’t think I would have noticed but my husband has just started learning and is on challenge 10, and I corrected him but he was sure he was right and sure enough …

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It’s a subtle difference, Mandy. They both mean to ask (that’s the gofyn bit), but gofyn wrth is to ask (of) whereas gofyn i is to ask (someone something).

Dydw I ddim isio gofyn unrhwbeth arall wrthot ti - I don’t want to ask anything else of you
Dw I ddim yn bwriadu gofyn i ti pa un sy’n digwydd nesaf - I don’t intend to ask you which one happens next

You’ll also come across gofyn am - to ask for.
Nes i ddim gofyn am banad - I didn’t ask for a cuppa (but if you want to put the person in there, you need the i - nes i ddim gofyn i ti am banad = I didn’t ask you for a cuppa!)


I think technically it should be gofyn i, but people say ‘gofyn wrth’ quite often. I think they’ve migrated it from ‘dweud wrth’. (Other things go with gofyn as well, such as ‘gofyn am’ - to ask about something).

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I thought it was a Gog /De difference.
Dweud wrth seems to be both Gog/De meaning to tell.
Gofyn wrth I have learnt from Gog/@aran
Gofyn i I have learnt from De/@Iestyn

Am I wrong?

Thanks, that makes sense, thanks for the other examples too!

Also note

gofyn i rywun am wneud rhywbeth - to ask someone to do something

Nei di ofyn i’r plant am dacluso’u stafelloedd?
Will you ask the children to tidy their rooms?


Thanks everyone!

Nope, not a regional difference - more about personal habits and patterns like GK points out just up there (gofyn i rywun wneud rhywbeth)… :slight_smile:


In Level 1 it does appear like that as the De version uses ‘gofyn i’ and the Gogledd version uses ‘gofyn wrth’ but once you get to Level 2 they both use ‘gofyn i’ showing just how flexible it can be :slight_smile: