Gofyn I ti neu gofyn wrthot ti

Hi, in level 1 (10) I learnt ‘gofyn wrthot ti’ . I’m on level 3 (11) now and it’s ‘gofyn I ti’ both seem to mean ‘ask you’. Does anyone know what the difference is?
Dydw I ddim isio gofyn unrhwbeth arall wrthot ti.
Dw I ddim yn bwriadu gofyn I ti pa in sy’n digwydd nesaf.
I don’t think I would have noticed but my husband has just started learning and is on challenge 10, and I corrected him but he was sure he was right and sure enough …

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It’s a subtle difference, Mandy. They both mean to ask (that’s the gofyn bit), but gofyn wrth is to ask (of) whereas gofyn i is to ask (someone something).

Dydw I ddim isio gofyn unrhwbeth arall wrthot ti - I don’t want to ask anything else of you
Dw I ddim yn bwriadu gofyn i ti pa un sy’n digwydd nesaf - I don’t intend to ask you which one happens next

You’ll also come across gofyn am - to ask for.
Nes i ddim gofyn am banad - I didn’t ask for a cuppa (but if you want to put the person in there, you need the i - nes i ddim gofyn i ti am banad = I didn’t ask you for a cuppa!)


I think technically it should be gofyn i, but people say ‘gofyn wrth’ quite often. I think they’ve migrated it from ‘dweud wrth’. (Other things go with gofyn as well, such as ‘gofyn am’ - to ask about something).

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I thought it was a Gog /De difference.
Dweud wrth seems to be both Gog/De meaning to tell.
Gofyn wrth I have learnt from Gog/@aran
Gofyn i I have learnt from De/@Iestyn

Am I wrong?

Thanks, that makes sense, thanks for the other examples too!

Also note

gofyn i rywun am wneud rhywbeth - to ask someone to do something

Nei di ofyn i’r plant am dacluso’u stafelloedd?
Will you ask the children to tidy their rooms?


Thanks everyone!

Nope, not a regional difference - more about personal habits and patterns like GK points out just up there (gofyn i rywun wneud rhywbeth)… :slight_smile:


In Level 1 it does appear like that as the De version uses ‘gofyn i’ and the Gogledd version uses ‘gofyn wrth’ but once you get to Level 2 they both use ‘gofyn i’ showing just how flexible it can be :slight_smile:


I am doing the Beta Automagic and ‘ask you’ has (so far) always been ‘gofyn i ti’ e.g. ‘oedd o isio gofyn rhywbeth i ti neithiwr’ and ‘mae o isio gofyn rhywbeth i ti heddiw’, and which is compatible with saying ‘ask of you’. So, I was confused when I went through Challenge 1, level 1 today and the sentences used ‘gofyn wrthot ti’ instead – hence checking the forum. Does the 2018 rationale no longer apply perhaps because of ways spoken Welsh has changed in the past few years? This is my first post, so I am hoping not only does it get through, but also SJ still uses the forum 5 years on!

Oh yes, I’m still here! :grin:

Although there is a technical subtle difference between using gofyn i and gofyn wrth (as explained above), the truth is that in everyday speech, the line is pretty blurred and you’ll hear both forms used.
The SSiW materials don’t necessarily stick to just one form throughout so that you get used to hearing the different ways people say things and so hopefully aren’t thrown by them when you hear them ‘in the wild’.

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