Giving the basic Spanish levels as a gift

Hi, I tried to purchase this online for a friend but the transaction wouldn’t process. I put his name, email and created a password but tried to pay with my credit card. Any clue how to make this happen?


Dari Bartz

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I can’t think of any obvious reason offhand why that wouldn’t work, if you’re setting it up as if you’re him, but just entering his details. What happened with the transaction? Did you get an error message?

And what’s your friend’s name, so I can check if somehow he has been registered?

I retried it again today and it appears to have worked. His name is Jeff Hilbrecht. Thank you for your response.

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I’ve been through this and it got sorted, although it is not quite the same thing and from a previous age of SSiW… Gifting a membership? Best thing I ever sorted out with any provider for loved ones in my life!
Da iawn, pob lwc! i chdi @daribartz ac i’r pobl admin! :medal_military::crossed_fingers:

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Hello again - I can see Jeff’s name in our old Spanish course, which is not the one that new people use any more. It’s just there for people that were in the middle of it when we created the new website for Spanish learners. I had assumed that it was the new website that was giving you trouble.

Did you get there by going to or some other way? I’m wondering if somehow people aren’t being directed to the new website.

The difference between the courses is that the old one doesn’t have any structure or support. It’s totally self-motivated learning, while the new course is like our 6 Minute a Day Welsh course and has a lot of additional tasks and information with a weekly email.

If you’d like to get Jeff onto the new version, send an email through to and we’ll get things sorted out.

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Thank you. I’ll contact the admin.