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Shwmae…and if anyone else made it to Yr Alban last week, Diolch!..does anyone know if a gig listing for contemporary Cymraeg bands exists?

there are usually some gigs listed in Golwg, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list and not just contemporary bands.

Diolch – looks like we’ll have to get one started up,

Again, not very comprehensive. Doesn’t list tomorrow night’s Candelas gig in Aber, for example.

Swnami are performing at the festival in Groningen in the Netherlands 14-17 January 2015

Al Lewis and Kizzy Crawford are at the Windsor, Penarth on 24 October - event put on by the new Menter y Fro committee. Tickets are £8

Diolch pawb…I will do what I can to put up a webpage shortly, waiting on links from the Maes B crew at the moment…might be the start of the learners radio station talked about earlier in the year…patchy listings on Y Lle at the moment, regular slot for it though on S4C…by the way, as the new format for this Forum has taken me completely unprepared, anyone catch the film ‘Pride’? If you did, the links to it via are just wonderful. What a story!

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Should have this ready in 48hrs…investigated a ‘.cymru’ address but these not available until next March for non-businesses…looks like it will be

It seems it have taken forever and a day but the site is finally there Only one gig on it so far but door is now open

If you are in Caerdydd 27 neu 29 Tachwedd gigs Cymraeg yn Clwb Ifor Bach…

Diolch tickets…Gruff Rhys/Gwenno touring UK at moment

If anyone’s in Cardiff for the 21st looks like there’s some bands through Cymraeg playing.


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Didn’t see this anywhere else, so:

Gwenno is playing the National Museum Cardiff on the 28/05, tickets £5.

She’s also playing Tredfest in Tredegar tonight!

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Diolch, doing my damndest to keep up, glad to say that the numbers of bands and events just keep growing. Gwenno has a new management deal and should be playing more and more, a truly unique artiste.

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Shwmae, have just pinched the above and will post it on…see there for news of Gwyneth Glyn playing Denbigh 24 June …and a whole load of Swnami gigs…and more

Truck Festival, Hill Farm, Steventon, Oxford, July 17th & 18th, 2015

Band Pres Llareggub with special guests Mr Phormula and Roughion
Saturday 4th July at Clwb Ifor Bach, 11 Womanby Street, Cardiff.
Tickets £7/9