Getting to Tresaith from the US?

Hey folks,

I’m starting to think seriously about how to get to Bootcamp in September, and I’m not even sure where to start. There’ll be two of us traveling together from NYC, and we had a terrible experience trying to get to Pontypridd from London when we studied abroad, so I am cringing at the thought of anything involving a coach or bus let alone transfers.

So, if you’ve already done this trip, how did you get there? Where did you fly into? Would you recommend your route? What would you have done differently?

Thanks in advance!


Tresaith has many wonderful qualities, as indeed does the rest of Ceredigion. Great public transport links are not among them…

Buses exist…

Trains further west than Carmarthen pretty much do not…

Cardigan is the closest public transport ‘hub’ if it can be called that.

I made it on buses but only from Swansea, it wouldn’t have appealed at the end of an international flight and a flog down from London. willgive you what there is…

Joanie! :slight_smile:
We’re going to be on the same bootcamp :slight_smile:
Try to bypass the London airports and fly to Birmingham International airport (BHX). (I believe United Airlines fly direct from Newark). You can get a train direct from the airport to Aberystwyth and I’ll be delighted to give you a lift from there. :slight_smile:
If that suits you, we can sort out details nearer the time.

If you can’t get to Birmingham for the train to Aber, you can do what I’ve done: Fly to Heathrow, take long-distance bus (aka ‘coach’ in British English) directly from the airport bus terminal to Cardiff, and then (presumably the next day) get a lift from another Bootcamper or make your way west to somewhere else. The Birmingham thing with Huw would definitely be easier!

Huw, Thanks for the offer - I’m going to send you a PM. I hadn’t thought about Birmingham, but am now considering it… along with Manchester, too, since it’s a little cheaper and closer to fly from JFK instead of Newark, but either is doable. I’d rather spend the extra hour and transfer on the train, I think…

Diane, you’re a trooper to do that trip from Heathrow more than once. Our first time to Wales we did that, and it was brutal with jetlag and luggage. After that one time, we gave up and chose to fly to CWL instead.

If you’re heading from Manchester, you want a train to Shrewsbury (any train heading to the south of Wales will stop there; trains to Cardiff, Newport or Milford Haven are good ones), and from there you can get the Aber train from Birmingham. For a return ticket on the day, you’re looking at about £60; you should be able to get it for less if you book in advance though.

Don’t cringe, Joanie. It all depends on whether you’re in a hurry or not. A couple of years ago I spent 4 months B&B-ing around Wales and it was great. There’s the equivalent of a US 800 number that tells you how to get from A to B, usually via C,D, and E, and usually involving at least one train and one bus. But it works. It’s cheap. You get to meet a lot of very friendly people. Worst that happened to me was a bus turning up half an hour late (driver fell asleep on his break) so I missed a connection. Just meant hanging around for a couple of hours and having another cup of tea. Still got to Llangollen by 5 pm. Patricia

Joanie: Huw, Thanks for the offer - I’m going to send you a PM.

Croeso, Joanie. I trust you were reassured by my answer to your PM.
Manchester is good but there isn’t a direct train link to Aberystwyth (one or two changes, I believe). My son sometimes flies from Manchester when he visits his Buffalo Gal friend (via Philly or Newark). Anyway, if you and your husband can get to Aber, my wife has kindly agreed to drive the three of us to Tresaith. :slight_smile:

@Huw, yes - feeling much better about that part of the trip now. It’s the only part planned, so far. :wink: Diolch unwaith eto i chi a eich gwraig!

Pakistan International fly between JFK and MAN cheaply - or at least they did a few months ago! Definitely the best cabin crew I’ve ever encountered. Instead of being all stuffy and artifically “professional”, calling me sir and all the usual customer service nonsense, they actually acted like normal people, which included sitting and chatting with me in the galley for a while when I was bored. Plus, they don’t seem to mind at all if people get up and go to the bathroom while the seatbelt signs are on. Result! :wink:

In any case, getting from Manchester Piccadilly to Aberystwyth can be done with one change (at Shrewsbury) and takes about four hours. I’ve not done it directly from the airport before, but I’d imagine you’d have to make once extra change because I don’t think there are direct trains from there to Shrewsbury.

On the downside, Trenau Arriva Cymru are invariably a thoroughly miserable experience. :confused:

Kinetic: On the downside, Trenau Arriva Cymru are invariably a thoroughly miserable experience. :confused:

Sadly, I agree with you 100 %, Ifan, but at least they usually get you there.
Both Birmingham International and Manchester airports have train stations on site (the Birmingham one being connected to the terminals by a Maglev link.)

You can go directly from Manchester Airport to Crewe, there you change for Wolverhampton or Shrewsbury, from where you come to Aberystwyth. I made this trip four times, three times every train was in time. Only once I had to wait two hours, because the train from Crewe to Wolverhampton was too late.
The ride takes less than four hours.