Getting started

Advice please. I am on Level 1 Week 1. The introductory email indicates I ned to do challenges 1&2. On the site however there are both Lessons and Challenges and Lesson 1 is slightly different to Challenge 1 - do I do Lesson 1 followed by Challenges 1&2 or just the challenges?

Hi Vaughan,

Challenges - are what some people have casually called “the new course”
Lessons - roughly equates to “old course”

These will be the ones you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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Then depending on which dialect of the language you wish to go with, you can switch by scrolling down a bit there.

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For the 2 year or 6 month courses, you need to be using the ‘Levels’, which are made up of ‘Challenges’… :slight_smile: