Get 7 days of tips from Benny Lewis and help SSi at the same time!

I mentioned a while back that we’ve been talking a bit to the good folk at - and there’s more coming from that direction - but just to get the ball rolling, we’re now an affiliate for Benny’s stuff.

While I don’t always agree with everything Benny says, I agree passionately with his focus on speaking from the very beginning - I think it’s absolutely key to successful and fun language learning - so I’m confident that you’ll get good advice from his free 7 day ‘Speak in a Week’ email course (I signed up for it ages ago, and I can’t remember exactly everything that’s in it!).

Now, here’s the interesting bit - if you sign up (for free!) via this link:

then any future purchases you make from Benny - any of his books, or video courses, or any stuff like that - will mean 50% of the cost goes to SaySomethingin (and will get used to build more stuff here, or speed up production). Which is rather lovely :sunny:

Next step - how we might be able to use our new connection with Fi3M to let you choose what we publish next… [watch this space!]

P.S. @Deborah-SSi ebost ogydd! :sunny:

I’ve read Benny’s book “Fluent in 3 months” and it’s an interesting read. I did notice very quickly that one of the languages he hasn’t tackled yet is indeed Welsh! Perhaps SSi’s affiliation with FI3M might sway him towards this beautiful language??

And maybe, he might help to develop the future SaySomethinginIrishGaelic with you too (among others) :smiley:


Who knows, Gav? It’s certainly a nice idea… :slight_smile:

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Just giving this a little bump - because Benny is about to publish the story of my 4 intensive days of Spanish training with Martyn - link coming soon… :sunny:

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Helo o fi. Wnes i ddod nol. :slight_smile:

Well, just a little “warning” for those tips. Those tips work much like @aran’s Bobsled run what means you get one mail per day in which you get the task to do. I’ve done things wrong as I’ve signed up for those tips before going to holidays and couldn’t do things properly daily because I didn’t have proper Wi-fi connection there. I don’t believe it’s “wasted” thing though but it’s better to really get one mail per day and do things daily then picking all mails at once and doing things afterwards.

So, my advise, get those tips when you’ll really have tose 7 days to disposal to do things properly, however if you plan to purchase somethng from Benny then do that before you purchase something so the benefit is that of SSi’s too.

Um … well, it means I’ll start to do my part tomorrow to see what’s in those mails and what tasks are waiting for me in there. :slight_smile:

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