German listening resources

I am the member of Duolingo: German Lerners and one of members - Simon Klages shared a great listening resource to us. He is successful puppet player in Germany and since now he can’t perform around he decided to read and upload the classic German fairy-tales written by Grimm Brothers. The reading is equipped with English subtiles also so very perfect for exercise the listening skills. The reading is very clear and you can easy understand everything. Here’s the first story he reads and I find it great.

Simon allowed me to give the link on here and he would also like to become the member of this forum. @Aran, @CatrinLliarJones or @Deborah-SSi, is it OK to give him the link?


Vielen danke. MVG

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That’s great Tatjana! The forum is open to anyone who wants to share language learning experiences, as long as it’s not just blatant advertising, and Simon sounds like the kind of person we would welcome.

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According to what he publishes there on FB I’d say he is. He obviously wants to give to learners some resources. I’ll send him the link to join.

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