Georgia Ruth in Manchester last night

Thank you once again Stuart (sjs) for letting us know about Georgia Ruth playing at the Castle in Manchester last night. I managed to go with hubbie Jim and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a tiny venue with probably less than 50 of us there but that made it extra special. Halfway through she asked if anyone spoke Welsh. As I was standing near the front I nervously confessed “Ydw, dw i’n dysgu.” She did 3 songs in Welsh. After the gig I had a little chat with her in Welsh and English while she signed the C.D. I bought ( with a lovely message in Welsh). She said that her parents were learning but were struggling so I recommended a certain course I know of and gave her some cards which she said she would pass on. She was a lovely lady with a beautiful voice and a brilliant harpist.
Here’s a link which shows where she is going next:

That is such good news Jean!! So glad to hear that you enjoyed it, and how brave to speak up in front of everyone, but what a great result - a chat with Georgia Ruth!! Da iawn ti!

And soon perhaps we’ll be welcoming Georgia’s parents to the SSiW forum!

Diolch yn fawr Dee. I was trembling like a leaf but felt it was my duty to own up!

Sounds like a fantastic evening - and thoroughly well-deserved for that kind of courage! What a lovely story, and diolch yn fawr iawn iawn for the plug…:-))

I am so envious of you Jean! I would’ve loved to be able to see her at The Lexington in London tomorrow, only work commitments prevent this :worried:. I listen to her radio show on Thursday nights and also saw her on a recent episode of panel show ‘Gwefreiddiol’ on S4C. She does seem like a really genuine, down to earth worth of person, and to be able to meet her and chat to her in Welsh too… Glad you had an amazing time .

Aran - Diolch yn fawr iawn. Giving out SSIW cards is the least I can do after everything done by others on here! :slight_smile:

Gavin - Thank you. I do hope you get to see her soon. She was excellent. Yes I like listening to her radio show too - usually by chance if I happen to be in the car which is permanently tuned to Radio Cymru. I must make more effort to listen to her show regularly. Great for practice too. :slight_smile:

Da Iawn Jean…needless to say I didn’t make it as my work rota was changed and to keep the peace and prevent ‘nhw cario clecs’ I went along with it. Duw was I fed up but I did have the consolation of catching Eddi Reader in Leeds earlier. in the week. Eddi isn’t really Welsh, but she feels like it. So I pledged to translate “Perfect” into Cymraeg…any offers of help? “Dwi’ n eisau dim…mae’n mater cariad cyflawn…”

Sorry you didn’t make it Stuart. I thought I couldn’t have missed you as there wasn’t a huge crowd there. Eddi Reader sounds like a good consolation though. Good luck in your translation! Your Welsh is much better than mine so I’m sure I wouldn’t be of much use in helping with it!

Dw i angen rhywun… sy’n gofal yn wir… (Rwy’n dyfalu ti’n defnyddio tafodiaith gogledd yma…?)

Hi Jean,

I saw Georgia Ruth in Brighton on Wednesday this week and also went up for a chat. You’re right, she’s absolutely lovely. I mentioned SSIW and she said she met someone in Manchester who also spoke of it. So your fame has spread. And so, it seems, has SSIW’s - she spoke enthusiastically of its standards and what it’s doing. Da iawn i ti. A da iawn i SSIW.

Thanks Mark. Glad you got to see her and to chat with her also. Great that she is helping to spread the SSIW message! Da iawn i ti hefyd!

And so, it seems, has SSIW’s - she spoke enthusiastically of its standards and what it’s doing.

Diolch o galon, Mark - you just made my day…:seren: