Génération Diwan

Hoping to get the opportunity to get into some Breton in 2019 with say something. Anyway if anyone here has some Breton or French then this film “LES SABOTS ÉLECTRIQUES / BOTOÙ-KOAD DRE-DAN” may be very interesting to you.

“The worldwide rise of pop-rock-folk music in the 60s and 70s helped to propel English to the status of a universal language, and in return to make minority languages ​​more corny. The imposition of standards and the society of consumption made clean slate of particularisms. Exception that confirms the rule, Soazig Daniellou’s documentary, Les sabots électriques, shows that this sudden opening could, on the contrary, regenerate local cultural roots.”

The wind of May 68 and the revolutionary ferment blew through many homes according to the film and caused splits between the generations. I wonder as political turmoil engulfs us all once again whether some younger folk will find some new meaning and use of the Celtic languages and cultures here in Ukania.

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