Gender Recognition

I’m guessing that the use of fod o’n or bod hi’n depends on gender. If this the case, is there any way of knowing if an object is masculine or feminine & how much does it matter if you get the gender wrong?


yes, it’s because Welsh nouns are assigned a gender. There are a few that can be both masculine and feminine - often an ‘area’ thing (e.g. N and S) - but really there is no use looking for ‘rules’ to know which are which because there are so many exceptions, the rules often don’t apply!

Once you hear things a lot (from 1st language speakers, TV or radio), certain ones will start to stick because they sound ‘wrong’ otherwise, but to be honest even the 1st language speakers I work with very often ask whether things are M or F!

Of course it’s best to try and get them right, but even if you do get a gender wrong (which I do even after over 20 years of speaking Welsh every day :wink: ), most Welsh speakers aren’t pedants and will just be chuffed that you’re learning the language!


Thanks @siaronjames, that helps