Gareth 'Alfie' Thomas

Along with Di Boucher and Wynne Evans, Alfie was a real star of Cariad i Iaith…the play based on his life, ‘Crouch Touch Pause Engage’ has its English ‘Premiere’ at West Yorks Playhouse Leeds starting on 31/03. follows on via Watford, Hull, Liverpool etc. I believe it was House Full at all the Welsh venues, further info via National Theatre Wales website, if anyone can make it to the matinee in Leeds this Thursday, see you there…(don’t know how far Alfie progressed with Cymraeg, there are loads of clips of the series on YouTube including the fabulous ‘Anthem’) Mwynhau bobol

Recommend this for a very challenging and entertaining experience. Alfie’s story blends in with that of the unexplained teenage suicides in the Bridgend area during the past decade. Six performers, all Welsh, most well known as a face in Cwmderi and the match announcer at Wales games in the Millenium is Rhys ap Gwilwym. Full marks for the line-out lift staged early in the show, Alun Wyn would be proud to see it! for the rest of the tour