Is anyone else having problems with Gairglo ( a Welsh version of Wordle) ?
Apart from some design niggles e.g.not fitting my ipad screen; annoying pop-ups that obliterate the ‘enter’ button, etc., I have persevered because it is based on the Welsh alphabet, as opposed to versions that use the English alphabet. However, I was particularly frustrated today as could not enter today’s solution because there was no option for the letter y with a ^ above, which turned out to be crucial for the correct answer. Sorry for the bit of a spoiler, but can’t see how anyone else would be able to complete it without the relevant letter anyhow. Unless someone knows something different?

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In trying to be helpful, this may not be of much help (because 10 I don’t play it and 2) I don’t use an iPad), but just in case…

Someone on this thread may be able to help Welsh version of Wordle -- Gairglo (too many people to tag individually)

Also - though I’ve no idea if it’s available for or works on iPad - there is the “to bach” programme that Bangor University developed which enables you to type ^ from a standard keyboard

There are also “Alt” codes you can use on a keyboard (again, I don’t know how these translate to iPads.)

Hopefully someone who does play Gairglo on an iPad will be able to help better.

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I don’t have an iPad (but I do have an Android tablet) but I normally play Gairglo on the computer. Unlike Wordle, you can’t actually type the letters, you click on the letters on the virtual keyboard on the screen. Having looked at Gairglo on the tablet, it works the same way.

Most of the accented letters are there, but there was an apologetic Tweet from Radolpho this morning saying he’d changed the word due to the missing ŷ.

Originally it was “ynglŷn”, I believe, but it’s definitely something different now, judging by the letters I’ve found so far!


Aha, that’s why I can’t do it today! Still that word on mine I think, i have some of the letters. I’ll give up now, not feeling too bad about it​:grin: got Wordle Cymraeg today in 2 which may be my proudest moment ever​:grin::grin:

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You can type characters like â and ï on the ipad by just holding down the relevant letter on the virtual keyboard and a range of options will appear. Or is that not what you meant?

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You could try refreshing the page. I’ve just solved today’s Gairglo and the word doesn’t have any accents.

Dydd Iau, 5 Mai 2022 (rhif 114, 4/6)

🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 #gairglo via @hiriaith

The Gairglo puzzle is on a web page and you don’t use the device’s own keyboard. You use the virtual keyboard which forms part of the puzzle.

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If the OS’s virtual keyboard would appear, yes, but gairglo is programmed in a way that you can only use the in-game on-screen keyboard. So there really was no way to solve yesterday’s initial gairglo.

But if you started the page with “ynglŷn”, you had to refresh the page to get the changed puzzle (“poced”) to start - otherwise the page was stuck at ynglŷn.


Thanks, Sharon. I didn’t know about the ‘to bach’ program.


Thanks, Margaret. I’m glad they’ve apologised. Always good to know it wasn’t ‘just me’.

Thanks, Hendrik

The creator of the Gairglo puzzle is very open to feedback. I suspect that a letter “ŷ” will shortly be added to the puzzle’s virtual keyboard, in case it’s needed in the future.


Oh sorry, I didn’t know it was a web page thing

Ignore my suggestion then :grin:

I’ve just had ‘to bach’ taken off my computer at work because it seemed to be slowing websites and e-mails down. Has anyone else found this?

I haven’t noticed it doing that. I’m not sure why it would interact with websites in any way.

nope, not had a problem with it on my home laptop nor on my work pc.

Do you have a desktop computer? I use that to play. MacOS. Have not tried it on Windows. Hope this helps!

Apparently it sits between the computer and the websites (presumably so one can enter accents when completing forms); this gave our Network team a fit of the vapours…

This sounds a bit odd to me. It doesn’t just work online, you can use it to type accents in documents that are saved only on one’s own computer, so I don’t know what “it sits between the computer and the websites” is supposed to mean.

As far as I understand it, it’s just interacting with the keyboard so you don’t have to remember the ASCII codes to type in yourself. You could try contacting the company that produced it to see if anyone else has had problems.

ETA: When I was still teaching, it was on all the computers at our local tertiary college and never cause problems on the network there. I think Bangor University have it installed too.

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Diolch; oedd hi’n rhaglen arall wedi achosi’r problem. Thanks; it was another program that caused the problem!