Gair o Gariad Theatr Bara Caws ❤ Exclusive show for learners 01/05/21

Gair o Gariad on-line :heart:

Gair o Gariad, Theatr Bara Caws - 01/05/21, 20:30 - £10 per household/link

Theatr Bara Caws are thrilled to invite you to a very special, virtual performance of Gair o Gariad , exclusively for learners/new Welsh speakers!

Gair o Gariad is a Welsh language adaptation of Uninvited Guests’ Love Letters Straight From Your Heart , and each time Bara Caws have presented the stage version our audiences have been enthralled. In these challenging times we’d like to give you the opportunity to meet in a unique way when meeting face-to-face is impossible.

Actors: Carwyn Jones and Lleuwen Steffan

Come share this truly magical experience in the company of your hosts Carwyn Jones in Cardiff and Lleuwen Steffan in Brittany. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, and have a nice glass of something to hand, we’ll begin…

When you book your ticket you’ll be given the chance to dedicate a song to someone special – a lover or a partner, a husband or a wife, family members or friends – and tell us why you’ve chosen that particular song. We’ll try our best to incorporate your dedication in the show, and you’re welcome to remain anonymous if you wish.

Here are snippets of past dedications:

… to Phyllis in remembrance of Merêd… Thank you – Though I saw her recently I forgot to tell her that…

…Mam, it’s May again, and I want you to know that I remember…

… to this special place where we live…

…to my husband… I remember feeling that the worst was over and that Spring is just around the corner…

…Thanks Dad for being you…Thanks for singing to me when I couldn’t get to sleep by myself.

…Well, this is the best song in the world, so I’m dedicating it to me!

What our audiences say:

…Well, what a journey, a journey chock-full of experiences, a journey of laughter and pure embarrassment, of remembering long-forgotten moments…Everyone left with a smile on their face and a tear in their eye…

…I saw boxes of tissues being passed around the tables on numerous occasions; the audience were touched by the show…

Only 50 tickets available for the performance at £10 per household/link - so first come first served!
To book your ticket please click here -

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This weekend!

Get your tickets fast! :grin:

This wonderful show is especially adapted for Welsh learners and is happening tomorrow night!

See above for all relevant info and get you tickets here -

I enjoyed this very much, and it was a great confidence boost to be able to understand so much😀