Gafael Tir - A show telling the story of land rights and protest in Wales

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Gafael Tir (Hold Land) - An online show that tells the story of land rights and protest in Wales.

Gafael Tir is a wonderful new online show, which through a series of magical and engaging performances, tells the historical story of land rights and protests in Wales…

Here is what the company has to say about the show…

“The show explores the history of y werin (‘the Welsh common folk’), and their struggle for a better life. Their tales are told and their old ballads are sung as we meet kings, cross dressing farmers, radical preachers, land workers and unions; a thousand years of history squeezed into 4 online chapters. Drawing on Welsh folk arts, the show touches on politics, human rights, freedom of thought and expression, the right to protest and the history of British democracy.”

The performers are -

Owen Shiers: A musician from West Wales. His latest project is ‘Cynefin’, which presents the lost music and stories of Ceredigion. This year he released the fantastic album Dilyn Afon and in 2019 was nominated as best solo artist at the Folk Awards.

Siân Miriam: A storyteller from Anglesey. Siân won the Esyllt Harker Prize, a storytelling prize for developing a new voice for women in storytelling. As a result, Siân is preparing a new bilingual storytelling commission, Trees They Talk, which will be performed at the Beyond The Border Festival in 2021.

Gwilym Morus-Baird: A musician from Wrexham. Gwilym has spent the last few years researching and teaching courses on Celtic mythology.

All four English language episodes will be performed through Zoom software between October and December this year, with a choice of following the series on a Sunday or a Thursday:

Chapter 1 - Princes and Paupers
Sunday, October 25th
Thursday, October 29th

Chapter 2 - Race and Riots
Sunday, November 8th
Thursday, November 12th

Chapter 3 - Water and Fire
Sunday, November 22
Thursday, November 26

Chapter 4 - Sustaining Wales
Sunday, December 6th
Thursday, December 10th

Tickets -
1 chapter - £7 (low income reduction £4)
4 chapters - £22 (low income reduction £16)

To book tickets, visit this page -

For more information, videos and music visit the Facebook page -

Or the website -

PLEASE NOTE - should you miss any of the performances (for instance, Sunday, October 25th ) the company will send you a recording of the performances, so you can catch up before the next.


And for those who dare, the show in Welsh starts this Sunday 31 October…

@CatrinLliarJones, thank you for including this in the weekly email too - I saw it just in time to book tickets for the four English-language versions on Thursdays. I really enjoyed the first show, what a great project.