Fyddwch chi?/Wnewch chi?

In the later challenges of level 3 I keep tripping myself up when it comes to knowing when to use ‘fyddwch chi’ and when to use ‘Wnewch chi’. They both appear to be used in these challenges to use either ‘will you’ or ‘would you’ so are there any rules for deciding which to use in any given circumstance! I get that I would probably be understood either way but I always have to stop and think about it at the moment
Thanks, Andrea.

The basic principle that’s at work here is that a verb in Welsh can describe either an action or a state (or something that lasts over a longer period). wnewch chi comes from gwneud, “to do”, so it is used for short actions, while fyddwch chi comes from bod, “to be”, so it is used for states and longer actions.
Two examples:
Wnewch chi agor y drws?Will you open the door?
Fyddwch chi angen rhywbeth arall? - Will you need anything else?


yes and yes!
There is a ‘technical’ rule, but you’d be understood either way.

To help with the technical bit, try thinking that fyddech chi/fyddwch chi = would/will you be and wnewch chi = would/will you do. This is because fyddech/fyddwch, being a form of bod, implies a longer continuous action than gwnewch, which implies more of a one-off action.
e.g. fyddwch chi’n cloi’r drws bob nos = will you lock (be locking) the door every night
wnewch chi cloi’r drws heno = would/will you lock the door tonight

ah - Hendrik’s beaten me to it!


That’s perfect - thank you both, I get it now :grinning:

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