Funeral Vocabulary

Helo pawb! Are you ready to get morbid?

I work in a funeral home and would like to be able to talk about my job in Welsh, but I’m not having much luck in building the vocabulary for it. Would any of you possibly be willing and able to help me out?

I already have the words for “funeral” (“angladd,” masc. noun) and “cemetery/graveyard” (“mynwent,” fem. noun), but that’s about all. Are there any other you may be able to give me? Examples: funeral home, coffin/casket, grave, funeral director/mortician, procession, obituary.

Thank you so much for your help!

I used the most relevant terms that I could find in the GPC dictionary. I only knew one or two myself.

Don’t forget that there are some different grammar constructions (verb types etc) for you to follow.

Sweet dreams, All :smiley:

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Ok a few more
Amlosgfa = crematorium
Amlosgi = to cremate
Emyn(au) = hymn(s)
Blodau = flowers
Torch(au) = wreath(s)
Tusw(au) = bouquet(s)
Hers = hearse
Ymgymerwr, trefnwr angladdau = undertaker

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Thank you so much! I don’t know why I was having such a hard time finding anything. Guess the dictionaries I chose weren’t my best option.

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