From Other Languages learning pages to this forum

Hello to those who posibly rieads this part of the forum.

I’ve explored other languages lessons a bit and found out that they (of course as there was not this forum up at the time yet) don’t have the link to the forum on the top bar. My suggestion is that now, that we have this “Other languages” part of the forum it might be useful and right that there would be the link to this forum from all learning pages except Spanish and Welsh/Cymraeg as they already have one properly set link. This way it might be people who learn other languages and are not on Welsh or Spanish side of the forum would find the way to participate in discussions related to other languages and might be more eager to come to the forum.

Well just my notices which hopefully can be of some use.


Yup, that’s a good point, Tatjana, thank you - I’m tagging @Kinetic so that he’ll see it when he gets back :sunny:

Hello all.

I know it was a long time not to see me but anyway.

I’m reviving this topic to let the staff know that the link from other languages but Cymraeg on the Learn page to the forum doesn’t work anymore. Might be it was deliberately disabled though.

Now back to slumber.

Have as good time as possible.


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