From( gan oddiwrth o)

what is the preferred method of saying ‘from’ eg I received an e mail from…I have heard Wnes i dderbyn e bost gan…Wnes i dderbyn e bost oddiwrth…Wnes i dderbyn e bost o…

I haven’t heard from him in a while Dw i ddim wedi clywed ganddo fo ers talwm…Dw i ddim wedi clywed oddiwrtho fo ers talwm dw i ddim wedi clywed ohono fo ers talwm…

Be grateful to know which ones people use.Personally I prefer to use the gan method

Hi Geoffrey,

I tend to get oddi wrth in more formal settings and gan in less formal. So birthday cards are a gan.

Clywed o - heard of
Clywed oddi wrth - heard from

Hope that helps.

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From a dictionary …

  • O - From (direction)
    I come from Wrecsam - Dwi’n dod o Wrecsam.
  • Oddiwrth - used almost exclusively of things or sentiments sent to someone inc. cards, letters, etc.
    Llongyfarchiadau oddiwrtha i - congrats from me.
  • Oddi ar - from on something.
    Mae’r teil 'di disgyn oddi ar y to. - the tile has fallen off the roof.
  • Gan - used with money, etc.
    Faint gest ti gynno fo? - how much did you get from him?
  • Rhag - goes with words like prevent, stop.
    Atal rhywun rhag gwneud rhywbeth - to stop someone from doing something.

That sounds like a most useful dictionary, Sir Gruntius… :+1:


It’s falling apart (that’s a reflection partly on the frequency of its use of course). :wink:

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