Frequency of lessons

Hey everyone! Just finished the first 5 lessons and loving it. I’m going to keep going today, but was wondering - is there such a thing as too many lessons in a day / weekend? What I’ve read on the website seems to say 1-10 in one day then 11-15 a week later and so on - but what about two days in a row, or during the week, is a week off found to be the best method to root the learning?

Thanks for the tips!

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The most lessons on more than one day was when Milla did 50 in 2 days (with added ‘accelerated lessons’ stuff going on!) - beating her previous 35 in 2 days…

Over longer periods of time, we’ve had several people do 50 in 5 days now on our intensive courses - and we’ve had one 10 day intensive course, when one person got through 64 lessons in 10 days (plus at least an hour’s listening every day, and at least an hour’s spoken production - increasing as time went on).

We’re planning on doing some 10 day tests with experienced learners when we’ve got some new languages ready, which we’re hoping will be next year… :slight_smile: