Free Glossika sentences / course for Welsh

I saw a comment by flootzavut on the Duolingo Welsh forums:

telling us that Glossika has decided to make their Welsh course available for free as part of its initiative to make their language-learning materials for certain “endangered” languages which do not have as many learning resources available online for free (see their statement here: )

The Welsh course is at – requires free subscription.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it out myself.


Signed up and had a go this morning. Seems quite gog but you can speed up the responses so set on easy it’s quite good for improving my snail like responses on easy stuff. Like Duolingo not sure it would be effective for new learning, but helps with the odd new word and just practice of responses.

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I’m quite a fan of Glossika and have used it for several languages. There are at least 4,000 sentences in the Welsh course (7,000+ in some languages) and they are intended to cover nearly all aspects of grammar. It is very flexible as to how you use it, and has built in repetition so retention is good. They do recommend not using Glossika as a sole resource, but I’ve seen several posts on their discussion group on Facebook from people who have done just that and got a good command of a language.

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