Frauenfeld (CH) meetup March 29th

Helo pawb

Bydd 'na cyfarfod 29 Mawrth yn Frauenfeld, y Swistir.
There will be a meetup in Frauenfeld, Switzerland 29 March.
Treffen in Frauenfeld (CH) am 29. März!

Lle/ where/ wo:
Pizzeria Barbarossa, Zeughaustr. 4, 8500 Frauenfeld

Pryd/ when/ wann:
7yp/ 7pm/ 19 Uhr

Wela i chi yn fyan/ See you soon/ bis glii :blush:


This is one of those occasions I wish I could teleport! How fabulous to sit in a pizzeria in Switzerland chatting in Welsh :pizza:


How did it go? Did you get many there?

There were only two of us, but we had a nice chat over some tasty food. We’ll try to reach some more people next time by announcing the event on other platforms (as well as write to people directly).