Forum rules - Welsh

Our forum rules are pretty simple.

They boil down to:

Play nicely… :slight_smile:

That means not saying anything nasty about people, and making a particular effort to be friendly and cheerful. Sometimes, that can feel a little unnatural - but if you need to vent, you can do that somewhere else, like Twitter. Here, we want everyone to feel welcome and able to ask questions and get helpful answers, so we’ve found over the years that the extra effort is well worth it… :slight_smile:

One other point - slightly unexpectedly for a forum about learning Welsh, we ask you not to post in Welsh only. We do have a practice thread for using your Welsh - Be’ 'dach chi’n gwneud rwan? A phethau arall yn Gymraeg - A topic to practice Welsh, open to all! - but otherwise, we always have new beginners arriving for the first time, and if they see posts they can’t even begin to understand, they often feel less confident about posting themselves.

The main reason for this forum is to give learners support - not to provide a Welsh-speaking environment for practising - so please either post in English or add an English explanation of what you post in Welsh… :slight_smile:


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