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As you may know I’ve recently moved to Cardiff. This has involved filling in lots of forms to register for all sorts for all sorts of things (the electric, water etc), I filled in my electoral registration form in Welsh. I am putting the correct data in and looking up words I don’t understand. However I am sure I’m putting some things in badly. For example, addresses, does it matter which address you use? In English my address is bilingual anyway, the street name is in Welsh. I am wondering if I should change things like ‘road’ to ‘fford’. How does Cardiff as a county work in Welsh (yes I know it’s Glamorgan/Morgannwg really)?
Basically I’m looking for the confidence to fill in the Welsh versions of forms and build up to using the 'phone in Welsh. Are there things that would be useful to know in form filling?

I know you’re learning Gog, Gareth, but Road is Heol in the south.

How are things in the big smoke, by the way? We’ve been missing you!


Not all streets are translated in Cardiff. Forrest Road in Canton, for example, is Forrest Road, Treganna, not Heol Coedwig, Treganna.

Cardiff as a county is Caerdydd. Also, there are some duplicates. So I’d keep Lisvane Street as it is, not Stryd Llys-faen.

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I think Forrest might be a person’s name, in which case it wouldn’t be translated.

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Ah yes, Forrest Gump :slight_smile: … or even if it wasn’t a name, we often have Fforest in these parts. Notably, Fforestfach and Fforest Fawr.

Swansea (Abertawe) became the City and County of Swansea while I was on Gower, which became part of Swansea instead of West Glamorgan. Ironic as, orignallty, the little place which became Swansea was part of the Lordship of Gower!
I don’t think it would have been valid to put, say, Heol Derwyn Fawr instead of Derwyn Fawr Road because the latter is the official address. In the same way, places with names in Cymraeg would be incorrectly addressed if translated into English.
I am not sure, but I think that is true.

A tricky one, since there’s a street in Barry which, even though it ends in ‘Street’, the Welsh equivalent actually starts with ‘Heol’! This street isn’t an exception either.

Also, as Anthony mentioned, with some street names, they are usually given personal names (named after someone). One such Street in Cardiff is Wood Street, where the Welsh equivalent is ‘Stryd Wood’ instead of ‘Stryd Coed’. It is worth checking these for sure (if you can) before using them though.

I have also been trying to do this. The street I leave as it is and then just change whitchurch, cardiff to eglwys newydd, caerdydd