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Does anyone else use flash cards to help them with learning Welsh, if so can you share which ones, and which resources you use?
I use ankidroid and have put L1, C1 and C3 on it so far (if anyone is interested I can share the file for it). I find it a really useful app, ten minutes a day is easy to do. The app repeats the words and phrases that you don’t remember.
Just wondering if anyone else uses anything similar.

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Hi Stephen, I am literally in the process of creating some anki decks for Welsh for the first time as I write. I got the idea originally from Fluent Forever but haven’t taken it to the lengths that he discusses in that book, e.g. sounds and pictures, etc. Would love to see the decks if you are willing to share them and I’d be happy to do the same with mine once they are ready. Best, Sean.

Hi Sean.
Good to hear someone else putting an ankideck together! I got the idea from Tim Ferris, who learns languages really quickly. Here is a link to the anki deck I’ve put together -https://www.dropbox.com/s/uy55pk6wjcjqhk3/course%201%20%26%202%20%26%20L1.apkg?dl=0

I basically copied and pasted the course notes into an excel spreadsheet, added the English, then converted it into an ankideck.
Like I said, it covers C1, C2, and L1 so far, with some of the vocab lessons from C1. There are a few mistakes in there, but overall really useful when used alongside the courses. I update before I start a new level/course, and am about to add L2 to it.
Whilst I’ve put my current content into one ankideck, it would be easy enough to split them into each course/level if it was useful for anyone.
Would be good to have a copy of your deck if you are happy to share too :slight_smile:

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did you published this on Google Play or the alternative apk website apknite…?