First small Welsh conversation

Had my first very brief Welsh conversation today, played golf in North Wales, when we finished I asked the barman is it prynhawn da, he looked at me a bit strange at first and then replied " ah yes good afternoon", I said dw i’n dysgu sharad Cymraeg, he said I haven’t spoken Welsh for years, I said I’m just learning, dw in mwynhau sharad Cymraeg achos mae’n ddiddoral, he asked do I live in Wales I said no just over the border near Chester, he said if I can learn the Welsh alphabet I should be able to learn welsh because it a phonetic alphabet, he did say something in welsh along the lines of dw i’n dysgu sharad Cymraeg but it was slightly different, I said my most used sentence is dw I ddim yn siwr, lol, I came away feeling a bit accomplished


Just had my daughter and two grandsons staying, all Welsh speakers. They spent a lot, and I mean a lot, of time correcting my accent!
She said I wasn’t past the rabbit in the headlights stage! But also recommended I learn the alphabet, would help me if I come across Welsh words…


Well they corrected your pronounciation but understood what you were saying, Right?! That sounds quite cool!

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As Hannah said, it’s great they understood you. I expect they just wanted you to improve, hence the many corrections. Hopefully it didn’t put you off too much. It sounds like it was coming from a good place even if it may have felt a bit much at times.


It was! And it’s so nice that darling grandsons want to help. One said, “What do you need help with?” I replied, “Everything!”


No, it didn’t put me off. It was good to get help, even if darlings looked baffled at times at my struggles!
Haven’t seen them since January, so hard.


Dwi’n moyn dysgu Cymraeg achos Dwi’n moyn siarad gyda fy wirion sy’n siarad Cymraeg