First person questions


I really like SSiW but feel something has been omitted and wonder if Aran or some good Cymraeg speakers could shed light for me.

The course starts with basic present tense stuff: dwi’n licio/trio/gwybod etc. Then how to do negative and then questioning: wyt ti’n licio/trio/gwybod etc. The tenses done later follow the same format. After that comes the third person stuff: he/she.

Questions only related to the second person and never the first. So we get :-

Dwi’n licio
Ti’n licio
Wyt ti’n licio

But what’s the equivalent for dwi? Do I like?

Leading on from that: Am I going to know, will I know, did I know, have I known etc etc

What has the poor first person done to warrant this snub??


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In principle, the difference is just the questioning, rising tone in the sentence. Af i wybod? Ydw i’n mynd i wybod? Am I going to know? Fydda i’n gwybod? Will I know?

Ok thank you.

But SSiW doesn’t say that unfortunately. Thank you for the clarification

I think, from how you describe it, you are doing the “old” course and I seem to remember this being brought up in the past in the old forum I think. Having said that I’m not sure that the “new” course covers these issues either. These structures are easy to look up/work out BUT I think you are correct, there is a bit of a gap in the SSiW catalogue. I don’t know where I managed to fill these gaps but you will pick them up through usage I’m sure.

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The human mind is a wonderful thing, if left to its own devices :wink:


Been largely ‘not useful’, and we strip as far down to the bone as possible. What you’ll find is that getting into enough conversations (and hearing enough spoken Welsh) will expose you to these extra structures, and at some point you’ll have been exposed to them enough to have a sense of what to aim for when you really need to use them (which will not be very often at all in the early stages)… :slight_smile: