Finished The Deep End - feedback

Hello! So I have finished The Deep End! It was well worth doing and I would have progressed even more if I had fully completed all the tasks but - for various reasons - couldn’t. Even so, it did push me and I completed all the level 3 challenges, listened to the Listening Practice and Radio Cymru every day - even Christmas Day. I did sign up to the Tweets and have found them really good. I watch Rownd a Rownd and read some basic books I bought on recommendations from the forum. I don’t live in Wales but speak to my Welsh Cousin every week and practice with her. I have done a few hangouts and plan to really organise myself to do at least one or two a week.

SSIW is fantastic… My mother was Welsh Speaking (North Wales) and I have welsh speaking family there and visit every year. Last July I decided I was going to learn Welsh and set myself a challenge to really go for it at the age of nearly 60. Thank goodness I found SSIW. I can’t believe how much I have learned in this time and my cousin is very impressed! I think you have to always look back on how far you have come rather than what you don’t know.

What next? I will be planning to be there for regular hangouts. I am tackling the Advanced Content - what a brilliant resource! Really interesting as well as helping to grow vocabulary and listening skills! I am also doing the Old Course and have started at Level 1 and I am finding this a really useful recap and reinforcement to the new course with some different vocabulary and some additional explanations. Please don’t take the Old away will you?! I continue to watch and read what I can. I really think that by July this year I will have gone beyond what I thought would be possible. I look forward to continuing to improve my Welsh. Thank you SSIW!


woohoo! Llongyfarchiadau Julie, that’s fantastic progress. Da iawn ti!


What a superb achievement - huge, huge congratulations! It’s so inspiring to see someone work so hard and come so far so quickly… :star: :star2:

And thank you very, very much for your lovely words… :slight_smile: :heart:

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Having just started The Deep End, I find your post really inspiring, especialy saying about looking at what you have done, rather than what you don’t know, and going back through the old course work. I have had a quick look at it and I think it will be great to have something extra to dip into.
Well done.