Finished the 6 minutes a day course

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to come on to say I have finished the 6 minutes a day course! 52 weeks of lessons, plenty of headaches and stumbles, but so much fun! I have to be totally honest and say that I thought I’d lose steam along the way, but even at the toughest of times, I just had to get through the lesson. I’ve had weeks where I was a week or so behind, but catching up wasn’t too much of a chore. I’ve practiced speaking with another SSiW-er most weeks since we were told to find someone to talk to and we have both benefited from that, so definitely something to work in to your routine.

The Q&A sessions and the chats were also amazing at bringing out the confidence to talk, so any new starters, just jump in! I really wish I’d been able to go to more of those, but work gets in the way. Deborah and Kai do a fantastic job of answering all our grammar queries and random asks about Welsh culture and Nia’s chats were just hilariously good fun! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive setting!

The lessons themselves were phenomenal - Aran and Cat do not let you rest on your laurels and keep pushing you further and further. To start with I’d re-listen to lessons as I wanted to understand it all, but I soon got out of that habit and just ploughed on. Those things you don’t get at first soon sink in and that is one thing I’d emphasise to anyone just starting - you do not need to remember it all perfectly! Just keep going and talk as much as you can!

I’ve signed up for the deep end now and will be trying to fit in as much Welsh as I can every day. I’m hopefully going to be able to attend bootcamp this year too so I can really push myself. All in all, this has been one of the best things I have done, not just in language learning, but in general. I feel that I am definitely a Welsh speaker, not fluent, but confident enough to talk and accept that mistakes happen, but I can overcome them.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this course, it really is an incredible journey!


Do you need to pay an additional £10/month on top of the SSIW subscription to do the 6min course? If not could someone please direct me to the way to start the 6 minute course? Thanks Berwyn

As far as I’m aware, it’s just the one subscription - sorry I can’t seem to link it as my link takes me to the Deep End course! It should be quite simple to find if I managed :wink: Is there something on the site in the top right corner - Learn; there might be something there? If not we can tag someone in this to ask :slight_smile:

Shwmae Berwyn,
Unless things have changed, one fee is all you need to pay to do this course. It’s amazing value as it also gives you access to an amazing community of fellow dysgwyr a siaradwyr.
Gobeithio, mae’n helpu chi.

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Just so you know, there is no difference in content between the course you can access on an ordinary subscription and the 6-mins-a-day course - it’s exactly the same material but the 6-mins course is broken down into smaller chunks and there is tutor support and tutor-led group chats included.
I’m tagging @Deborah-SSi because she’ll be able to advise better.

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As others have mentioned, there is no additional fee. You just need to join the 6 Minutes a Day course and you’ll have access to the structured way of working through Levels 1 and 2. The Challenges are just the same, but you get a weekly email with suggested additional tasks plus the opportunity to chat with other learners and to take part in online group sessions with a tutor.
If you click on ‘Learn’ at the top, you should be able to register there.

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