Finished Manx!

Today I had my first real intensive day and finished the Manx course! I did lessons 2-8 of level 2 whilst cleaning the house. There are some phrases I definitely haven’t got yet (the ones about everyone likes, drinks with friends and football spring immediately to mind), but there’s lots of stuff starting to stick, and my head didn’t explode!
I really struggle with those longer phrases that are introduced as longer phrases. They are very slowly going in, but initially I can’t even repeat them back right after the recording. I’m not complaining. It’s actually interesting to see how my mind slowly starts to break the phrases apart into recognisable bits.
I’m very excited- I think this is the first time I’ve done all the available lessons.
Thank you again for recording this, and I’m looking forward to the next set of lessons being recorded! In the meantime I’d better go back and finish level 2 Welsh.


I finished, too, about an hour ago. I’m really looking forward for new lessons, because towards the end I had the feeling that I can understand structures and patterns. And yes. I was struggling with some of the long sentences.


No chance to rest our laurels which is a good thing! I hope to get going with some more Manx lessons once we’ve made a few minor alterations to what we’ve got already. Cheers for your enthusiasm…gura mie ayd


Yeah, we’re trying to figure out how to minimise that right now, as it happens… :slight_smile:

But huge congratulations, well done, superb!

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I’ve completed up to Lesson 8 Level 2. At the end you mention lesson 9 - have I gone wrong with downloading them all or is lesson 9 still to be done?

Lesson 9 is still in the oven - in an ideal world, we’d re-record the end of the last session whenever we have new material available, but it adds a few extra headaches…

But there should be a new batch available before all that much longer - we’re just working on a few code fixes at the moment, but we should be ready for the next stage in early(ish) September… :slight_smile:

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