Finished Level 3... what now?

Hi Guys,

I started using SaysomethinginWelsh around 15 months ago and recently completed level 3. I was expecting to move onto level 4 but there isn’t one. NOOO!

What happens now? I feel like I’ve got so much left to learn. I’m going to repeat level 3 because it was so hard but can anyone recommend any other courses etc?



The next step is the Advanced Content
but what some people do is look at the Old Course material, or go through the levels again but doing the ‘opposite end’ ones (i.e. North if you did South and vice versa!)

Listening to Radio Cymru, watching S4C, Welsh podcasts etc, Welsh books… get into all those,
and of course, speak as much Welsh as you can whenever and wherever you can!

Thank you so much! On it. I do try watch S4C but only catch the odd word. They should do a show for learners where they siarad araf :slight_smile:

That’s exactly why the listening exercises in the course and the advanced content is so important - it gets your ears used to hearing Welsh at normal speed. Keep at it and those odd words will turn into odd sentences and more :slight_smile:

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I am really impressed Rich that you completed level 3 after only 15 months. I have just finished it today - after nearly 4 years! (On and off, around the rest of life…)
Without sounding too much like an Oscar winner, I really do want to thank all at SSiW for this amazing course, it’s been great fun (and a little frustrating at times), and I just want to add that I couldn’t have stuck at it without the support (and book loans) of my lovely friends in CACEN (some kind of acronym, can’t remember what, as well as reflecting one of our main activities), our Welsh learners’ group who started some years ago in Sussex. It’s a mixed blessing that half of them have now moved to Wales (free accommodation for visits)!

What now? I may go through the course again, hopefully faster this time; keep Zooming with CACEN, especially on Cwis nights; keep Skyping Carys, my lovely ‘North’ mentor; and keep attempting to read Welsh books…Diolch yn fawr iawn pawb!

This question has been asked a lot @Sally! :slight_smile: Here’s some links to the other converstations that you might find interesting :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: