Finished lesson 25 level 3

So I had had a bit of a lull for a few weeks after suddenly having a loss of confidence fairly near the end challenge 3… but I’ve been back to it for the last few weeks again and today I FINISHED the last lesson of challenge 3.
I hadn’t anticipated what an emotional moment it was going to be!! I’m not at all embarrassed to say I was properly sobbing :rofl:
So i’d like to say another huge thank you for the course :partying_face::partying_face: you’re all brilliant.
If anyone is reading this and lives anywhere near me, my plan is to set up a speaking practice group in my village of Llanfairtalhaiarn…I know a few people who are already interested. I’ve been talking about it for a while but I’m really going to do it now :joy: I’m hoping some of the older generation Welsh speakers might fancy coming along to enjoy a bit of company and then help us out. My idea is that this potentially helps a generation where loneliness is a big issue as well as us learners. I will keep you posted on here as to how it goes!
Advanced content next of course :tada:


I had a little cry, too. I’m ashamed to admit I had to look up where Llanfairtalhaiarn is, but now that I know, could you invite me to the first meeting, please, as I fancy a trip out?


OK deal, will do. There’s a new cafe opening soon in the village so I’m going to find out when it’s open and maybe aim for then :slight_smile: will let you know


Wow @kate-davies what a massive achievement - well done!

That is a lot of material - and it only seems about 5 minutes ago that you started!

I’ve also just looked up where Llanfairtalhaiarn is too(!)…and wow again - you look like your in a great place for some practice - now that you are a Welsh speaker. :wink:


Rich :slight_smile:


What a gigantic achievement - huge, huge congratulations, Kate! :star: :star2:

And how brilliant to hear that you’re going to throw yourself into such a variety of valuable contributions - it’s always particularly moving to see learners growing into such a hugely valuable part of the community… :slight_smile:


Awesome to read this as I’m only on lesson 4 Level 1. I’m already planning a celebration for completing lesson 10! lol

Congrats on starting up the speaking group and with an extra-lovely intention hefyd!


Congratulations, Kate! Well done! :clap: :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr iawn Aran


Yes well done Kate. Even as the most emotionally challenged member of SSiW, I remember having a little celebration on completing the course.

So da iawn i ti. Also, if you can pronounce the name of your village, you must be 95% fluent :grin:


Congratulations, Kate! That’s a fantastic achievement! :star2:


Llongyfarchiadau, I had a little blub at the end of Level 1, I’m now on lesson 10 of Level 2 so goodness knows how I’ll feel when I get to your stage. Man the lifeboats I suspect lol. Even the uplifting messages at the beginning and end of each individual challenge get my throat catching. Well done, massive achievement :):mortar_board: :slight_smile:


Thanks to help from @John…er…,who drove us to Nant G, and from @Lea and @Hendrik Robisch I think that there must be some iron in the name of the venue town… as some mettle/metal/steel in the soul of those who finish Level 3 and go forth and multiply meets! Da iawn i ti @kate-davies!

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Da iawn, Kate! … am ddangos cymaint o ddycnwch a dyfalbarhad. Dal ati!

Helo… Kate
I’m in Llanddulas after having moved here in August last year from Cambridge (very flat) !
I’ve got to week 9 of the SSiW. I can’t believe I’m actually doing it, as I was more than a bit rubbish at languages at school… apart from English which I loved.
I run my own little business ‘Tina’s Home Help’ mostly local to Llanddulas. A lot of my customers are elderly & speak Welsh… they love that I’m trying to learn.
If you do ever set up a group I might be interested in popping along sometime


Great achievement!