Finished! And next...?

Just wanted to celebrate with those who will understand. I have finished level 3 of the old course, having started the new one 3 and a half years ago in lockdown. It feels so great to have completed all the levels at last! It’s taken me a while (I did Canolradd 1 with Dysgu Cymraeg last year, and found that I just couldn’t fit in both so ended up pausing the SSiW units), but I’ve got so much from doing the course and being part of SSiW. You are a fantastic bunch. Thank you all.

I’m now mulling over what to do next, as I’m not sure the Advanced material is really for me. Possibly I’ll do another Dysgu Cymraeg course next year - probably some work with Gareth King’s workbooks - definitely keep hearing and speaking Welsh in any way I can, as well as reading it. Maybe even singing it, since I’m in Bristol and there is now a Welsh choir here!

I know this topic has come up before, but I’d be interested in hearing what other people have gone onto after reaching this point.


Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations!

I did just what you are recommending - speaking and listening as much as possible, reading, GK’s workbooks (and a bit of singing, as my choir does do something things in Welsh). After doing that for about 6 months I went and did a bootcamp, which was like a rocket booster. And then I had a handful of 1:1 tutor sessions to mop up some of that grammar that was eluding me. (Grammar isn’t important to everyone, and nor should it be - but I kinda like it…)

My end goal by this point was working through the medium of Welsh, so I did a few additional/more advanced things as well. But I could have stopped there and I’d still be a functioning Welsh speaker.

In fact, I suspect you are a functioning Welsh speaker now! So perhaps think what your end goal is, and find things that will help to lead you there. They will all be variations on more speaking/listening/reading/writing, of course!


Thanks Sara, really useful to know. Yes I’d love to do a bootcamp at some point, and I am a grammar person too!


I’m not aware of the advanced material -I thought SSiW ended after level 3, so am one term into a Canolradd course, which I’m enjoying. I listen to the news on Radio Cymru, watch programmes on S4C and have done some Thursday evening sgwrs on SSiW. I also have two sgwrs groups locally, and have just gone back to Duolingo instead of playing games. All of which seems to be helping, especially the sgwrs: I’m still quite hesitant at times, but find practicing listening and live conversation really helpful.


Yes I completely agree about the importance of sgwrs - this is what I need more of!